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Full text of "The private devotions of Bishop Lancelot Andrewes, sometime Lord Bishop of Winchester"

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The following pages are intended as a companion 
to Mr. Ifewman's beautiful translation of the first 
part of Bishop Andrewes' Devotions, which originally 
appeared in the Tracts for the Times , and has since 
been republished in a separate form. The Devotions 
now presented to the reader are much less finished 
than the other portion, and evidently were never 
arranged by the holy Bishop who compiled them. 
But it may be truly said of him, as it was of another, 
that the very dust of his writings is gold. I have 
made little alteration in the way of arrangement ; 
and have only where absolutely necessary added a 
few words of paraphrase. Some repetitions from the 
morning and evening devotions will therefore be 
found ; and some few passages are repeated twice. 
One or two repetitions, and one or two fragments. 



80 much disarranged as hardly to be intelligible, have 
been omitted. The original, with a very few excep- 
tions, is in Latin; in the passages quoted from Holy 
Scripture, I have employed our authorized version, 
except where it was necessary for the purpose of more 
fully explaining Bishop Andrewes' meaning, to trans- 
late literally from the Vulgate. The references are 
not given, except where they are likely to be less 
known. The Bishop's Pindaric Ode at the end is 
omitted, as incapable of a prose translation. 

November 6, 1843, 




Introduction to Cospessiox 
Morning Prayer 
An Act op Intercession ■ 
Av Act of Tha>!ksgivino 
An Act op Deprecation . 
Introduction to the Evening 

An Horoloiry 
An Act of Pleading 

[I.] As respects God 

[11.] As respects ourselves, relatively to God 

[111.] As respects ourselves, relatively to our Nature . 

[IV,] As respects ourselves, relatively to our due Obedience. 

[V.] As respects the Evil -which would arise from our Destruc- 




An Act op Thanksgiving 
An Act op Pleading 
Pbkparation to Pra-jer. 
An Act op Deprecation . 
An Act of Pleading 
An Act op Confession 
Tbp. Aggravation op Sin 
[Penitence.] . . . 


[Vl.] As respects the Good which Tvill arise from our Salvation 44 





An Act of Confessiow 95 

Ak Act of TnxNKSciviKo 107 

[A BuEviART OF Prater.] Ill 

An Act OF Thanks 113 

The Lokd's Prayer Pauaphraskd 115 

Before Reauino the Holy Scriptures 123 

Before Going to Chvrch 125 

Self-Examination 127 

An Act of Adoration ......... 129 

Before a Journey 131 

The Seven Works of Mercy 132 

An Edcharistick Prater 133 

A Preparation to THA^•KSOI^^NO 13G 

An Act op Hope 137 

DoxoLoaiES 140 

A Prayer of Thomas Bradwardine, Archbishop of Can- 
terbury H2 

Of Penitence l-l-l 

An Act of Confession H7 

A Caution before Preaching, FROM S. FuLGENTius . . .155 
Subjects for Meditation before Penitextiai, Prayers . . 157 
Subjects for Meditation before Intercession .... 159 
Subjects for Meditation before Thanksgiving . . , IGl 
Warnings and Preparatort Meditations in the Even- 
ing, raising of the Mind towards God .... 163 
A Morning Hymn of vert ancient usage in the Church . . Iti9 
An Evening Prayer 1"1 

'^J^fC^rii^ Sl^^: 


InttoUuctton to ©onfcs^lon. 

Two things I recognise, Lord, in myself: 

nature, which Thou hast made ; 

sin, which I have added : 

I confess that by sin I have depraved nature ; 

but call to remembrance, that I am a wind 

that passeth away, 

and returneth not again ; 

for of myself I cannot return again from sin. 

Take away from me that which I have made ; 

let that which Thou hast made remain in me ; 

that the price of Thy precious Blood perish not ! 

Let not my wickedness destroy 

what Thy goodness hath redeemed. 

O Lord my God, if I have so done 

as to become Thy culprit, 

can I have so done as no longer 

to be Thy servant ? 

If I have thence destroyed my innocence, 

have I at all thence destroyed Thy Mercy ? 

If I have committed that for which 

Thou mightest condemn me, 


hast Thou at all lost that by which 

Thou art wont to save ? 

Truth, Lord : my conscience 

meriteth damnation, 

but no defence equals Thy compassion. 

Spare me therefore ; 

because it is not unbefitting Thy Justice, 

nor unwonted to Thy Mercy, 

nor difficult to Thy Power, 

to spare the penitent. 

Thou Who hast created me, 

do not destroy me ; 

Thou Who hast redeemed me, 

do not condemn me. 

Thou Who hast created me 

by Thy goodness, 

let not Thy work come to nought 

through my iniquity. 

What is Thine in me, acknowledge ; 

what is mine, take away. 

Look on me, the wretched, 

O boundless Loving-kindness : 

On me, the wicked, 

Compassion that extendest to all ! 

Infirm I come to the Almighty, 



wounded I hasten to the Physician : 

reserve for me the gentleness 

of Thy Compassion, 

Who hast so long held suspended the sword 

of Thy vengeance. 

Blot out the number of my crimes, 

renew the multitude of Thy compassions. 

However unclean, Thou canst cleanse me ; 

however blind, enlighten me ; 

however weak, restore me ; 

yea, though dead, raise me. 

Of what kind soever I am, be it good or bad, 

I am ever Thine. 

If Thou cast me out, who shall take me in ? 

K Thou disregard me, who shall look on me ? 

More canst Thou remit, than I commit ; 

more canst Thou spare, than I offend. 

Let not noxious pleasures overcome me ; 

at the least let not any perverse habit overwhelm me; 

[Preserve me] 

from depraved and lawless desires ; 

from vain, hurtful, impure imaginations ; 

from the illusions of evil spirits ; 

from pollutions of soul and of body. 


TnoTJ That hearest tlie prayer, 

unto Thee shall all flesh come. 

At evening, and morning, and at noonday, 

will I pray and that instantly, 

and Thou shalt hear my voice. 

My voice shalt Thou hear betimes, Lord : 

early in the morning 

will I direct my prayer unto Thee, 

and will look up. 

Let my prayer be set forth 

in Thy sight as the incense. 

I have remembered Thee in my bed, 

and thought upon Thee when I was waking, 

because Thou hast been my Helper. 

I yield Thee thanks, Almighty Lord, 

everlasting God, 

for that Thou hast vouchsafed 

to preserve me this night, 



6 MOEnrrxG peatbe. 

not according to my deserts, 
but according to Thy holy Compassion. 

Grant unto me, Lord, 

80 to pass this day in Thy holy service, 

that the submission of my obedience 

may be acceptable unto Thee. 

I lift up both heart and hands to the Lord 

in the Heavens. 

Behold, even as the eyes of servants 

look unto the hand of their masters, 

and as the eyes of a maiden 

unto the hand of her mistress, 

even so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, 

until He have mercy upon us. 

Look Thou upon me, and be merciful unto me, 

as Thou usest to do unto those that love Thy Name. 

Give Thy Angels charge over me, 

to keep me in all my ways. 

Shew me Thy ways, Lord ; 

and teach me Thy paths. 

Order my steps in Thy word, 

and so shall no wickedness have dominion over me. 

Hold Thou up my goings in Thy paths, 

that my footsteps slip not. 

Put into my mouth words that are honest 



and well chosen, 
that my conversation and looks, 
and my gestures, and all my works, 
may be pleasing unto all men that see and hear me; 
that I may find grace in all my speeches and petitions. 
O Thou Lover of men, 
Thou That art very pitiful : 
the Father of mercies, 
That art rich in mercy to aU that call upon Thee, 
I have sinned against Heaven and in Thy sight, 
and am no more worthy to be called Thy son, 
nor to be made one of Thy hired servants, 
no not the lowest. 
But I repent ; 
Woe is me ! I repent ; 
Help Thou mine impenitence ; 
And if there be any comfort of love, 
by Thy bowels and mercies, 
by the multitude, by the riches, of Thy Grace, 

by Thy abundant mercy, 

by the great love wherewith Thou hast loved us, 

be merciful to me a sinner, 

be merciful to me of all sinners the greatest, 

the most wretched. 

Deep calleth unto deep. 


the deep of our misery, 
unto the deep of Thy Compassion ; 

where sin hath abounded, 
there let grace much more abound ; 

overcome our evil of Thy good ; 
let Mercy rejoice against Judgment, 

But beyond and before all things, 

I believe that Thou art the Christ, 

the Son of the living God ; 

Thou That didst come into the world to save sinners, 

of whom I am chief, 

save me. 

Thou That didst come to redeem the lost, 

let not one whom Thou hast redeemed, perish. 

[Preserve me] 

from the recollection of evil things, 

that what I have seen and heard 

from the wicked, in this world, 

I may not remember, 

nor ever tell to others ; 

that I may hate every evil way 

I have deserved death ; 

but yet I appeal from the Tribunal of Thy Justice 

to the Throne of Thy Grace. 

[Let us pray] for the Catholic Church ; 

for the Churches throughout the whole world ; 

that is, for their verity, unity, and stability ; 

that in all charity may flourish, 

and truth be a living principle. 

For our Church ; 

that what is wanting in it may be supplied ; 

what is unsound, corrected ; 

that all heresies, schisms, scandals, 

as weU public as private, 

may be removed. 

Correct the wandering, 

convert the unbelieving, 

increase the faith of the Church, 

destroy heresies, 

expose the crafty enemies, 

bruise the violent, 
[Pray we] for the Clergy ; 


that they may rightly divide, 

that they may rightly walk ; 

that while they teach others, themselves may learu. 

For the people ; 

that they seek not to be wise above measure ; 

but may be persuaded by reason, 

and yield to the authority of superiors. 

For governments ; 

their stability and peace ; 

For our kingdom, incorporation, city ; 

that they may fare well and prosperously, 

and be freed from all danger and inconvenience. 

For the King : 

Help him now, Lord, 

Lord, send him now prosperity ; 

crown him with the array of truth and glory : 

speak good things to his heart 

for Thy Church and people. 

For the prudence of his counsellors ; 

the equity and integrity of the judges ; 

the courage of the army ; 

the temperance of the people, 

and their godly simplicity. 

For the rising generation, 

whether in Universities, 



or in Schools ; 

that as they increase in age, 

they may also increase in wisdom and in favour 

with God and man. 

For them that shew themselves benevolent, 

whether to the Church, 

or to the poor and needy ; 

reward Thou them sevenfold into their bosom ; 

let their souls dwell at ease, 

and their seed iuherit the earth. 

Blessed is he that considereth the needy. 

That it may please Thee to reward all our benefactors 

with eternal blessings ; 

for the benefits they have bestowed on us upon earth. 

let them obtain everlasting rewards in Heaven. 

That it may please Thee to behold and to relieve 

the miseries of the poor and the captives. 

That it may please Thee of Thy merciful compassion 

to restore the frail lapses of the flesh, 

and to strengthen them that are falling ; 

That it may please Thee graciously to accept 

our reasonable service. 
That it may please Thee to raise our minds 


to heavenly desires. 

That it may please Thee to regard U8 

with the eyes of Thy compassion. 

That it may please Thee to preserve the souls 

of us and ours 

from everlasting damnation. 

That it may please Thee to grant unto me, 

with those for whom I have prayed, 

or for whom I am in any way bound to pray, 

and with all the people of God, 

an entrance into Thy kingdom ; 

there to behold Thy Presence in righteousness, 

and to be satisfied with glory. 

We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord ! 

^n ^ct of ^^anfeggibing. 

Let all Thy works praise Thee, Lord, 

and Thy Saints give thanks unto Thee. 

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, 

and to sing praises unto Thy Name, Most High : 

to tell of Thy loving-kindness 

early in the morning, 

and of Thy Truth 

in the night-season. 

I will exalt Thee, my God, O King, 

and praise Thy Name for ever and ever. 

Every day will I give thanks unto Thee, 

and praise Thy Name for ever and ever. 

Who didst call the things that were not, 

as though they were ; 

by Whom all things were made 

in Heaven and in earth, 

visible and invisible ; 

Who upholdest all things by the Word of Thy Power ; 

Who dost not leave Thyself without witness, 

in that Thou dost good, and givest us 

rain from Heaven, 



and fruitful seasons, 
filling our hearts with joy and gladness ; 
in that all things continue this day- 
according to Thine ordinance ; 
for all things serve Thee ; 
"Who, having before taken counsel, 
didst Thyself, with Thine own hands, 
make man out of the dust of the earth, 
and didst breathe into his nostrils the breath of life; 
and didst honour him with Thine Image ; 
and didst charge Thine Angels concerning him ; 
and didst set him over the works of Thine hands ; 

and didst place him in a Paradise of pleasiire ; 

and didst not despise him, even when he despised 

Thy Law ; 

but didst open for him the door 

unto repentance and life ; 

giving him Thy great and precious promise 

concerning the Seed of the woman ; 

"Who hast instructed our race, 

by that which may be known of God, 

by that which is written in the Law, 

by the rite of Sacrifices, 

by the oracles of the Prophets, 

by the melody of the Psalms, 


by the wisdom of the Proverbs, 

by the experience of the Histories ; 

Who, when the fulness of time was come, 

didst send forth Thy Son, 

Who took the seed of Abraham, 

and made Himself of no reputation, 

putting on the form of a servant ; 

and being made of a woman, 

made under the Law, 

by the oblatiou of His Life accomplished its obedience , 

by the sacrifice of His Death removed its curse ; 

redeeming our race by His Passion, 

quickening it by His Eesurrection ; 

leaving nothing undone, that could be done, 

to make us partakers of the Divine Nature ; 

Who hath manifested in every place the savour 

of His knowledge, 

by the preaching of the Gospel ; 

bearing Himself witness 

with divers signs and wonders, 

by marvellous holiness of life, 

by mighty power even unto shedding of blood, 

by the incredible conversion of the world to the Faith, 

without assistance of authority, 

without intervention of persuasion ; 




Who hast made us children of the Saints, 

and heirs of the same vocation ; 

Who hast granted to Thy Church, 

that she should be the Pillar and Ground of the Truth; 

and that the gates of hell 

should not prevail against her ; 

Who hast granted unto our Church, 

that she should keep that which was 

committed unto her, 

and should teach us the way of peace ; 

Who hast confirmed the throne of Thy servant, 

our King ; 

Who makest peace in our borders, 

and fiUest us with the flower of wheat ; 

Who hast made fast the bars of our gates, 

and hast blessed our children within us ; 

Who hast clothed our enemies with confusion ; 

Who givest us everlasting felicity, 

and makest us glad with the joy of Thy countenance ; 

Who hast informed our princes, 

and taught our senators wisdom ; 

Who hast given us pastors according to Thine heart, 

that feed us with knowledge and understanding ; 

Who hast turned our swords into plough -shares, 

and our spears into pruning-hooks ; 


0- — ■ 


"Who hast caused that there stould be no decay, 

110 leading into captivity, and no complaining 

in our streets ; 

Who didst bring me forth into life, 

and didst bnng me on to the Laver of Regeneration, 

and renewing of the Holy Ghost ; 

and hast made known to me Thy ways ; 

and hast wiiiked at my sins, because 

I should amend* : 

Who hast not shut me up in the hand of 

mine iniquity, 

waiting to shew mercy upon me ; 

Who hast not suffered my heart to be hardened ; 

but hast left me compunction of soul, 

remembrance of my latter end, 

conscience of committed sins ; 

Who hast opened to me a gate of hope, 

while I confess and implore, 

through the power of Thy Mysteries and the Keys ; 

Who hast not cut off, like a weaver, my life, 

nor made an end of me from day even to night ; 

nor taken me away in the midst of my days ; 

but hast holden my soul in life, 

and hast not suffered my feet to slip. 

« Wisdom xi. 23. 


^n ^ct of ISeprecatton. 

Look down, Lord our God, 
from Thy lofty dwelling place, and from the 

Throne of Thy Glory. 

Thou, AVho dwellest on high, and heholdest 

the humble, 

look down upon us, and destroy us not ; 

yea ; rather deliver us from evil. 

From all evil and misfortune, 

deliver us. 

As of old time Thou didst deliver our fathers, 

deliver us. 

By whatsoever is dear to Thee, or beloved by Thee, 

deliver us. 

In all our straits, 

deliver us. 

From the evils of the future state, 

from Thine anger, 

but yet more from Thy ceasing to be angry, 



from everlasting damnation, 

from all the terrors of the life to come, 

from the wrathful countenance of the Judge, 

from being placed on the Left Hand, 

from the hearing of that dreadful and terrible voice, 

Depart feom Me, 
from being cast into outer darkness, 
from eternal chains under darkness, 
from the lake of fire and brimstone 
where the smoke of their torments goeth up 
for ever and ever, 
deliver us. 
Spare us, Lord. Have mercy upon us. 
Deliver us ; and let us never be confounded. 
From spiritual evils ; 
from blindness and hardness of heart, 
which lead to impenitence ; 
from softness and from hardness of forehead, 
from a seared conscience, 

and ceasing from penitence after sin, 
from a reprobate mind, 
from contempt of Thy threatenings, 
from the sin unto death, 
from the sin against the Holy Ghost, 
have mercy upon us, and deliver us, Lord ! 


That I be not parched among the tares and stubble, 
nor grieve among those that are on the left hand, 
nor withered by the tempest, 
nor** lament in the fire that is never quenched, 
nor be condemned to the flames 
nor suffer shame in Grehenna, 
nor waste away among the overflowings of Belial, 
nor weep in the chains of darkness, 
nor gnash the teeth in the banishment of the re- 
probate ; 
being miserable, thrice miserable, 
with the fiends in darkness, downward 
in the abyss, which even Satan himself dreadetb 
and abhorreth. 

[On the one hand] 
is the vision of God : 

[On the other] 

the hiding of His face. 

It is hard to be separated from the Saints ; 

harder to be severed from God. 

It is a thing full of shame to be bound and cast out : 

full of woe to be cast into the fire ; 

» The conciseness of Bishop Andrewes's language in both this and the 
antithetical petition below, renders it difficult to bring out his meaning 
without having recourse to paraphrase. It appears also that some of 
the words have been misplaced: e.g. in the clauses, paleas, zizania, 
dolere : a sinistris, arescere, the verbs should be transposed. 



full of sadness to call and not to be heard ; 
full of bitterness to ask unpitied 

for a drop of water, and not to gain it. 
Deliver me from all evil and misfortune, 
from men of corrupt minds, 
from Ashur, Hos. xi. 5. 
from Jeroboam, 1 Kings xii. 26. 
from Rehoboam, 1 Kings xii. 13. 
from the valley of Achor, Josh. vii. 25, 26. 
from the evil spirit of the men of Shechem, 

Judg. ix. 23. 
from every stumbling-block, grief, infamy, 
from a deceitful tongue, 
from perverse lips, 
from snares, 
from all enemies, visible, invisible, 

corporeal, spiritual, 
from vices and sins, 
from lusts and temptations, 
from the attacks of demons, 
from the spirit of fornication, 
from the desire of vain glory, 
from all uncleanness of soul and body, 
from anger and ill-will, 
from polluted thoughts, 

I — 


from blindness of heart. 
Thou, Who didst once say to Thy destroying 
It is enough ; 
hold now Thine hand. 
[Hear me] in my prayers and vows, 
my straits and perils, 
my infirmities and necessities, 
my temptations and tribulations ; 
repel the concupiscence of gluttony, 
give the virtue of abstinence ; 
chase the spirit of fornication, 
give the love of chastity ; 
extinguish the covetousness of the world, 
give poverty of spirit ; 
restrain headstrong passion, 
kindle in me the spirit of gentleness ; 
remove the sorrow of this world, 
increase spiritual joy ; 
repel boastfulness of mind, 
bestow compunction of heart. 
Give strength of Faith, 
security of Hope, 
the preservative of Salvation. 
Give contempt of the world. 


[Give me a place among those that] 
shall enter into joy, 
into the joy that is full, 
into the joy that no man taketh away ; 
[That I may have a portion] 
on the Eight Hand, 
iu tranquillity, 

in a place of verdure, of dew, 
in Paradise, 

in a land of refreshment, 
in Abraham's bosom, 
in the Tabernacles of the Saints ; 
that being on the Eight Hand of God, 
I may be made happy in His Eest, 
rejoice in His Honour, 
keep holy day in His Eternity, 
be glorified by Him That is thrice Holy, 
be blessed among His Angels 
enjoy pleasure in His Light, 
[amidst the] Psalms that are above, 
[and] the Songs of Heaven, 
Give me the girdle, the helmet, the breast-plate, 
the shield, the sandals, the sword, 
above all things prayer. 
Grant unto me the power and opportunity 


of well doing, 

that before the day of my decease I may have 

wrought at least somewhat, 

whose good fruit may remain ; 

that I may appear with righteousness, 

and be satisfied with glory. 

Thou That didst add fifteen years 

to the life of Hezekiah, 

grant to me such a space of life, 

at least a sufficient space, 

wherein I may be able to bewail my sins ; 

And, with Thy other blessings, send 

Best gift of all) a holy end ; 

a good and holy end of life, 

a glorious and joyful Resurrection. 

Bless our increase 
from the fruits of the earth and its fulness ; 
make peace in our borders ; 
fill us with the flour of wheat ; 
satisfy our poor with bread ; 
make fast the bars of our gates ; 
bless our children amidst us ; 
clothe our enemies with confusion ; 
grant us seasonableness of weather ; 
bestow on us the fruits of the earth ; 





repel carnal desires ; 

restore health to the weak, 

to the fallen grant renovation ; 

to voyagers and travellers 

[grant] a prosperous journey and a port of safety ; 

to the afflicted joy ; 

to the oppressed ease ; 

to the captives liberty ; 

health of mind, 

soundness of body. 


J^m^'^ [iNTEODUCTION TO] ^^^• 

HLfft lEbentng Sacilftce. 

Let me be mindful of Thy Name, 

Lord, in the night, 

And keep Thy law. 

Let our evening prayer ascend to Thee, 

and Thy Mercy descend to us ; 

Thou That givest songs in the night ; 

That makest the outgoings of the morning 

and evening to praise Thee ; 

That givest to Thy beloved the sleep of health. 


Thou, That hast put in Thine Own Power 

the Times and the Seasons, 

give us grace that we may pray to Thee 

in a convenient and opportune season ; 

A This portion of the Private Devotions has been reprinted with ad 
ditions, by Mr. Burns, and will be found very useful in that form. 


and deliver us. 

Thou, That for us men and for our salvation, 

wast born in the depth of night, 

grant us to be renewed daily by the Holy Ghost, 

until Christ Himself be formed in us, 

to a perfect man ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That very early in the morning, 

at the rising of the sun, 

didst rise again from the dead, 

raise us also daily to newness of life, 

suggesting to us, for Thou knowest them, 

methods of penitence ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That at the third hour didst send down 

Thy Holy Ghost 

on the Apostles, 

take not that same Holy Spirit from us, 

but renew Him every day in ovir hearts ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That at the sixth hour of the sixth day 

didst nail together with Thyself upon the Cross 

the sins of tlie world, 

blot out the handwriting of our sins 

that is against us. 


and, taking it away, deliver us. 

Thou, That at the sixth hour didst let down 

a great sheet from Heaven to earth, 

the symbol of Thy Church, 

receive into it us sinners of the Gentiles, 

and with it receive us into Heaven ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That at the ninth hour for us sinners 

and for our sins, 

didst taste of death, 

mortify our members which are upon eartli, 

and whatsoever is contrary to Thy Will ; 

and deliver us. 
Thou, That didst will the ninth hour to be 

the hour of prayer, 

hear us while we pray at the hour of prayer, 

and grant unto us that which we pray for and desire ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That at eventide wast pleased to be taken down 

from the Cross, 

and laid in the grave, 

take away from us, and bury in Thy Sepulchre, 

our sins, 

covering whatever evil we have committed 

with good works ; 



and deliver us. 

Thou, That late in the night, by breathing 

on Thine Apostles, 

didst bestow on them the power 

of the remission and retention of sins, 

give unto us to experience that power 

for their remission, Lord, not for their retention ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That atmidnight didst raise David Thy Prophet, 

and Paul Thine Apostle, that they should praise Thee, 

give us also songs in the night, 

and to be mindful of Thee upon our beds ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That with Thine own mouth hast declared, 

at midnight the Bridegroom shall come, 

grant that the cry may ever sound in our ears, 

Behold ! the Bridegroom cometh 

that we may never be unprepared to go forth 

and meet Him ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That by the crowing of the cock didst 

admonish Thine Apostle, 

and didst cause him to return to repentance, 

grant that we, at the same warning, may follow his 



may go forth and weep bitterly, 
forthe things in which we have sinned against Thee; 

and deliver us. 

Thou That at the seventh hour didst command the 

fever to leave the nobleman's son, 

if there be any fever in our hearts, 

if any sickness, remove it from us also , 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That at the tenth hour didst grant unto 

Thine Apostle 

to discover Thy Son, 

and to cry out with great gladness. We have found 

the Messiah, 
grant unto us also, in like manner, to find the same 

and having found Him, to rejoice in like manner ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That didst, even at the eleventh hour of the day, 

of Thy goodness send into Thy vineyard 

those that had stood all the day idle, 

promising them a reward, 

give us the like grace, 

and though it be late, even as it were 

about the eleventh hour, 

favourably receive us who return unto Thee ; 



and deliver us. 

Thou, That at the sacred hour of the Supper, 

wert pleased to institute 

the Mysteries of Thy Body and Blood, 

render us mindful and partakers of the same, 

yetneyerto condemnation, but to the remission of sin. 

and to the acquiring the promises 

of the New Testament ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That hast foretold Thy coming to Judgment 

in a day when we think not, and in an hour 

when we are not awai'e, 

grant that every day and every hour 

we may be prepared, and waiting Thy Advent ; 

and deliver us. 

Thou, That sendest forth the light, and 

Greatest the morning, 

and makest Thy sun to rise upon the evil 

and the good, 

illuminate the blindness of our miuds by the 

knowledge of truth, 

lift Thou up the light of Thy Countenance upon us, 

that in Thy light we may see light, 

and at length in the light of Grace the light of Glory, 

Thou, That givest food to all flesh. 


That feedest the young ravens when they call 

upon Thee, 

And hast led us from our youth up until now, 

fill our hearts with food and gladness, 

and stablish our souls by Thy grace. 

Thou, That hast made the evening the end 

of the day, 

so that Thou mightest bring the evening of life 

to our minds, 

grant us always to reflect 

that our life passeth away like a day : 

to remember the days of darkness, 

that they are many : 

that the night cometh 

wherein no man can work ; 

by good works to prevent the darkness, 

lest we be cast out into outer darkness ; 

and continually to cry unto Thee, 

Tarry with us, Lord, 

for it draweth towards evening, and the day of our life 

is now far spent. 

The work of the Creator is Justice ; 

of the Eedeemer, Pity ; 

of the Holy Ghost, holy inspiration : 

[Who is] the other Comforter ; 




the Unction ; 
the Seal ; 
the Earnest. 


[I.] As EESPECTs Gob. 


Because the Lord is gracious and merciful, 
long-suffering and of great goodness ; 

He will not always be chiding, 

neither keepeth He His anger for ever ; 

He hath not dealt with us after our sins, 

neither rewarded us according to our wickednesses ; 

for as the heaven is high above the earth, 

so great is His mercy towards them that fear Him ; 

as far as the east is from the west, 

so far hath He removed our sins from us ; 

like as a father pitieth his children, 

even so is the Lord merciful unto them that fear Him; 

because He is long-suffering, and pitiful, 

and of great mercy to all that call upon Him ; 

the Lord is loving unto every man, 

and His mercies are over all His works ; 


He delighteth in mercy ; 
He is the Father of mercies ; 
He is Mercy ; 
because His nature is to shew mercy ; 
and punishment is Hisstrangeand unaccustomed act. 


Let the power of my Lord be great, according as 
Thou hast spoken, saying, The Lord is long- 
suiferingand of great me''cy, forgiving iniquity 
and transgression. 


I ascend unto my Father, and your Father. 

The Father of the Prodigal Son. 

And what wilt Thou do with Thy great name ? 


The Typical Lamb. Behold ! the Lamb of God ! 
The Eedeemer. I know that my Redeemer liveth. 
The Saviour. We know that this is indeed the 

The Mediator. There is one Mediator between 

God and man. 
The Advocate. We have an Advocate with the 




The Intercessor. [He ever liveth to make inter- 
The High Priest. ["We have a great High Priest.] 


The Typical Dove. He saw the Spirit of God 

descending like a dove. 
The Unction, or Anointing. The same Anointing 

teacheth you of all things. 
The Comforter. If I go not away, the Comforter 

will not come. 


Eemember Thy word unto Thy servant, 

wherein Thou hast caused me to put my trust ; 

which Grod, That cannot lie, promised, 

and confirmed by an oath ; 

which our unbelief shall not make of none effect ; 

if we believe not, yet He abideth faithful ; 

He cannot deny Himself. 


Our fathers trusted in Thee ; they trusted in Thee, 

and Thou didst deliver them. 

Call to remembrance, Lord, Thy tender mercies, 

and Thy loving- kindnesses, which hath been ever of 



Lord, where are Thy old loving-kindnesses ? 

Look at the generations of old, and see ; 

did any ever trust in the Lord, and was confounded ? 

did any abide in His fear, and was forsaken ? 


Despise not Thou the work of Thine own hands. 

We are the clay, and Thou the Potter ; 

and we are all the works of Thine hands. 

Thou hatest nothing that Thouhast made. Wisd. ii. 24. 


and so not to be destroyed. 

Let us make man in Our Image, after Our Likeness. 

Who is renewed in knowledge, after the Image 

of Him That created him. 


and so not to be despised. 

Te are bought with a price. 

With the precious Blood of a Lamb 

without blemish, and without spot. 



Despise not the express image of Thyself. 

We are called by Thy Name. 

Thy people are called by Thy Name. 

A chosen vessel to bear Thy Name. 


and SO not to be cut off. 

Ye are the Body of Christ, and members in particular. 

Know ye not, that your bodies are the members 

of Christ ? 

Know ye not, that your body is the Temple 

of the Holy Grhost Which is in you ? 


I am Thine ; save me. 

Behold, O Lord, I am Thy servant ; 

I am Thy servant, and the son of Thine handmaid; 

An unprofitable servant, yet a servant ; 

A lost son, yet a son ; 

We are all Thy people. 

Carest Thou not that we perish? Tea, Thou carest. 

40 an act of pleading. 

iii. as respects otjeselves, eelatively to oull 

1. oite weakness. 

Have mercy upon me, Lord, for I am weak. 

Remember what my substance is. 

He remembered that they were but flesh ; 

a wind that passeth away, and cometh not again. 

For He knoweth our frame. 

He remembereth that we are dust. 

The days of man are but as grass ; 

for he flourisheth as a flower of the field. 

For as soon as the wind goeth over it, it is gone ; 

and the place thereof shall know it no more. 


We are come to great misery. 

He looTied upon them when they were in trouble ; 

and heard their prayer. 


A broken and a contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt 

not despise. 

For I will confess my wickedness ; 

and be sorry for my sin. 



For I will call daily upon Thee. 

How long wilt Thou be angry with Thy people 

that prayeth ? 

I forgave thee all that debt, because thou desiredst Me. 


Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. 

"When ye come to pray, forgive, 

if ye have aught against any one, 

that your Father Which is in Heaven may also 

forgive you. 

But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, 

neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. 


My soul breaketh out for the very fervent desire 

that it hath alway unto Thy judgments. 

My hands also will I lift up unto Thy Commandments 

which 1 have loved. 

I have sworn, and am stedfastly purposed 

to keep Thy righteous judgments. 

Thy servants, who desire to fear Thy Name. 

That servant, which prepared not himself, 

neither did according to his Lord's will, 

shall be beaten with many stripes. 




What profit is there in my blood, 

when I go down to the pit ? 

Shall the dust praise Thee ? 

or shall it declare Thy truth ? 

i'or in death no man remembereth Thee ; 

and who will give Thee thanks in the pit ? 

Dost Thou shew wonders among the dead ? 

or shall the dead rise up again, and praise Thee ? 

Shall Thy loving-kindness be shewed in the grave, 

and Thy faithfulness in destruction ? 

Shall Thy wondrous works be known in the dark, 

and Thy righteousness in the land where all 

things are forgotten ? 

Por the grave cannot praise Thee ; death cannot 

celebrate Thee ; 

they that go down into the pit cannot hope for 

Thy truth. 

The living, the living, he shall praise Thee. 


Hast Thou made all men for nought ? 
Enter not into judgment with Thy servant ; 



for in Thy sight shall no man living be justified. 

If Thou, Lord, wilt be extreme to mark what is 

done amiss, 

Lord, who may abide it ? 

If He will contend with him, 

he cannot answer Him one of a thousand. 


Give not Thine Heritage to reproach, 

that the heathen should bear rule over it ; 

wherefore should they say among the people, 

Where is their God ? 

Remember this, Lord, how the enemy hath rebuked, 

and how the foolish people have blasphemed 

Thy Name. 

The presumption of them that hate Thee 

increaseth ever more and more. 

Wherefore should the Egyptians speak and say, 

For mischief did He bring them out, 

to slay them in the mountains, and to consume them 

from the face of the earth ? 

The Canaanites shall say, 

He was not able to bring them into the land which 

He sware; 

therefore He slew them in the wilderness. 



ouu Salvation. 


Deliver us, O Lord, for the glory of Thy Name : 

so we that are Thy people, and the sheep of Thy 


shall give Thee thanks for ever : 

and will alway be shewing forth Thy praise 

from generation to generation. 


Then shall I teach Thy ways unto the wicked ; 
and sinners shall be converted unto Thee. 


For this cause I obtained mercy, 

that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth 

all long-suffering, 

for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe 

in Him 

to life everlasting. 


I, even I, am He That blotteth out thy transgressions 
for Mine own sake. 

A.^ ACT or PLEADING-. 45 

Lord, hearken and do ; 

defer not for Thine own sake. 

[For His sake] Whom G-od hath set forth to be 

a propitiation. 

Look upon the face of Thine Anointed. 

Turn not away the presence of Thine Anointed. 


Have mercj on me, Lord, Thou Son of David ; 

David said unto Shimei, Thou shalt not die ; 

and the king sware unto him. 


The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because He 

hath anointed Me ; 

He hath sent Me to preach the Gospel unto the poor, 

to biud up the broken-hearted. 

I came to call sinners. 

God sent His Sou, that the world through Him 

should be saved. 

Sn act of ^l&anfesgtbing. 

1. The Excellence of God's Majesty. 

Glorify Thou Me, O Father, with Thine own self, 

with the glory which I had with Thee before 

the world was. 

Melchisedeck was Priest of the Most High God. 

2. His Exaltedness. 

He That is higher than the highest regardeth. 

Eccles. V. 8. 

3. His Eteenitt. 

The Lord, the everlasting God. Gen. xxi. 33. 

4. His Omnipeesence. 

Do I not fill Heaven and earth, saith the Lord ? 

5. His Omniscience. 

Whither shall I go then from Thy Spirit ? 
or whither shall I go then from Thy Presence ? 


If I climb up into Heaven, Thou art there ; 

if I go down into hell, Thou art there also. 

Thou knowest all things. 

For Thou only knowest the hearts of the children 

of men. 

6. His Omnipotence, 

"With God nothing shall be impossible. 
I am the Almighty G-od. 

7. The height of His Wisdom. 

the depth of the riches of the wisdom and 
knowledge of God; 
how unsearchable are His judgments ! 
and His ways past finding out ! 

8. His unshaken Tbuth. 

The truth of the Lord endureth for ever, 
Heaven and earth shall pass away, 
but My words shall not pass away. 

9. His exquisite Justice. 

His Justice endureth for eyer. 

10. The fountain, ocean, abyss of His Mekcy. 
Deep calleth unto deep. 


11. He is MERcrFuii in passing by and 


I beseech you by the meekness and gentleness 

of Christ. 
I will not destroy it for ten's sake. 
He passeth by transgressions. 
The times of ignorance God winked at. 

12. He is patient, lonq-sueeeeing. 

Or despisest thou the riches of His forbearance, 
and long-suffering ? 

13. Pitiful. 

But He was so merciful, that He forgave 
their misdeeds, 
and destroyed them not. 

14. He punisheth unwillingly. 

O Ephraim, what shall I do unto thee ? 
O Judah, what shall I do unto thee ? 
Tet many years didst Thou forbear them ; 

for Thy great mercies* sake 

Thou didst not utterly consume them, 

nor forsake them. 

He hath not dealt with us after our sins, 


neither rewardetli us according to our iniquities. 

She hath received of the Lord's hand double for all 

her sins. 

Like as a father pitietli his own children, 
even so is the Lord merciful unto them that fear Hira. 

15. Compassionate, 
He repenteth Him of the evil. 

16. His Angeb is soon quenched. 

He •R"ill not alway be chiding ; 
neither keepeth He His anger for ever. 

17. He is readt to pardon. 
I forgave thee all that debt, because thou 

desiredst Me. 

18. Eeadt to be reconciled. 

Eeconciling the world unto Himself, 
not imputing their trespasses unto them, 

19. Eeadt to be propitiated. 

Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him ; 
and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet : etc. 
He is good and kind to the unthankful and to the evil. 



Giving the reward of a day for the toil of an hour. 

To-day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise. 
Giving sight to the blind, loosing the bound, 
clothing the naked, raising the fallen, 

upholding the falling, healing the sick, 

gathering the dispersed, feeding the living, 
sustaining the faint, quickening the dead, 

casting down the proud, setting up the humble, 
redeeming the captives, helping in time of need. 

Who is like unto Thee, O Lord, among the Gods ? 
glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders ? 

[Let us praise God for] 

Angels, the guardians of men ; 
Archangels, announcing, by their illumination, 
mightier events ; 

the voice of the Archangel : 
Virtues, that do wonders ; 
Virtues being made subject unto Him. 
Powers, that ward off the attacks of fiends, at His 

command : 


Principalities, perfect in government ; 
Dominations, that bestow gifts in plenteousness 
Thrones, that judge at the tribunal ; 

whether they be thrones, or dominions, 

or principalities, or powers, 

all things were created by Him and for Him. 
Cherubim, glittering with knowledge ; 

He placed Cherubim before paradise ; 
Seraphim, ardent with love ; 

above it stood the Seraphim : each one had six 
The morning stars, 
rulers of the world, 
lovers of men, 
chief ministers of the Divine "Will ; 

[we laud God for the] perseverance of Angels; 

[we pray that we] going from strength to 

may be associated with their choirs. 

[We praise Him for] 
The Patriarchs and their faith. 
The Prophets and their hope, 
The Apostles and their labours. 
The Evangelists [and their truth]. 


The Martyrs and their blood, 
The Confessors and their zeal. 
The Doctors and their study, 
The Asceticks and their tears, 
The Virgins, flowers of purity, 

celestial gems, 

brides of the Immaculate Lamb ; 
The Innocents and their beauty, 

flowers of the Church, 

mirrors of virtue. 

tabernacles of the Holy Ghost. 
For those, whose faith was strong, and whose life 
approved ; 

in whose heart was charity, 

in whose mouth verity, 

in whose life piety. 

[We praise Him] for 

the waters and the Heaven, 
the earth and the plants, 
the luminaries, 
the fishes and the fowls, 
the wild and tame beasts, 
the Eest of the Sabbath. 

54 AN ACT OF TnATfKsarviiira 

For the formation of man, 

after counsel held, 

with His Own hands, 

with the breath of life, 

in the Image [of God,] 

for the dominion over the creatures, 

the care of Angels, 

the location in paradise, 
that he was not forsaken, when he had sinned. 

For the Promise of the Seed of the woman, 
that which may be known of Grod, 
the works of the Law written in the heart, 
the oracles of the Prophets, 
the music of the Psalms, 
the wisdom of the Proverbs, 
the experience of the Histories. 

For our birth, 
bringing up, 
civilized state, 


For Eedemptiou, 

the Great Mystery of godliness. 

His being made of no reputation. 

His humiliation, 

taking the seed of Abraham, 

union to it, 

oblation of life, 

sacrifice of death. 
For all the good that He did therein, 

all the evil He suffered, 

in His passage from the cradle to the Cross. 
For the whole design of Grace, 

the Holy Incarnation, 

the poverty of His nativity. 

His lying in the manger, 

His Circumcision, subjecting Him to the law, 

the first-fruits of His Blood, 

the precious name, Jesus, 

His Epiphany to sinners of the GentUes, 

His Presentation in the Temple, 

His Flight into Egypt, 

His desire of hearing, 

His eagerness to enquire, 

His humility in obeying His parents. 



For His Holy Baptism, 

the appearance therein of the Trinity, 

His Fasting, 

His Temptation, 

His want, in that He had not where to lay His head, 

the hunger and thirst that He endured, 

the cold and heat, 

the weariness, while He went about doing good, 

His watchings, \ 

His continuance aU night, j P ' ^ * 
For His meek conversation, 

Who endured such contradiction of sinners ; 
when He waa hurried to the precipice 

for a good word ; 
when about to be stoned 

for a good work. 
[We bless Thee, Saviour,] 

Who didst endure to be insulted of men, 

to be called a Samaritan, a glutton, 

a demoniac, a deceiver, 

and wast content that Barabbas should be pre- 
ferred to Thee ; 
for Thy sermons, homilies, 

conversations, discourses, 
intercessions, prayers, 





and for the power of the Keys ; 
for the blessings conveyed by all the grace and 

loving-kindness of Thy miracles ; 
for the parables of 

the Two Debtors, 

the Good Samaritan, 

the Publican and the Pharisee, 

the Servant that owed ten thousand talents, 

the Good Shepherd, 

the Prodigal Son, 

the Called at the Eleventh Hour. 

For Thy Sayings ; 

For God sent not His Son into the world to 

condemn the world; but that the world 

through Him might be saved. 
I came not to judge the world, but to save the 

I came not to call the righteous, but sinners 

to repentance. 
The Son of Man is not come to destroy men's 

lives, but to save them. 


The Son of Man is come to seek and to save 

that which was lost ; 
And to give His Life a ransom for many. 
Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are 
heavy laden, 

and I will give you rest. 
Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise 

cast out. 
rather,forgive them ; for they know.not what 

they do. 
To-day shalt thou be with me in Paradise. 
I will give unto this last, even as unto thee. 
"For the instances of Thy Mercy ; 

The Syrophenician or Canaanitish woman ; 

the woman of Samaria ; 

the woman with an issue of blood ; 

the woman taken in adultery ; 

S. Mary Magdalene ; 

Zacchaeus ; 

the thief; 

S. Peter ; 

S. Thomas ; 

S. Paul ; 



an act of thanksgiting. 59 

This man beceiteth sinnebs. 

[For Thy long-suffering when] 

they contradicted Thee ; 

drew Thee to the brow of the hill ; 

twice would have stoned Thee ; 

and that for a good work ; 

blasphemed Thee ; 

preferred Barabbas unto Thee ; 

gave Thee up unto the Gentiles to crucify Thee. 

For the death of Chbist ; 

His obedience unto the death of the Cross. 

His straitening [till it was accomplished.] 
For all that He suffered, 

in Gethsemane, 

in Gabbatha, 

in Calvary. 
For the pain, 

the shame, 

the curse, of the Cross. 
That He deigned to be betrayed, 

and that by His own disciple ; 

that He deigned to be sold, 

and that for thirty pieces of silver ; 

to be troubled in His mind. 


to be weary, 

to fear, 

to be exceeding sorrowful, even unto death, 

to be in an agony, 

with strong crying, 

and tears, 

to sweat great drops of blood, 

even to the bedewing of the ground : 


that His Disciples should slumber, 

one of them betray Him with a kiss, 

the rest should be offended because of Him, 

and flee ; 

to be left alone, 

and denied by Peter, 

and that with an oath, 

and a curse ; 

to be subjected to the powers of darkness, 

to be laid hands on, 

taken as a thief, 


carried away, 

hurried to Annas, 






Pilate the second time, 
the Prsetorium, 
the Cross. 
Thou That wast silent before the judge, 

restrain my tongue ; 
Thou That didst deign to be bound, 

restrain my hands. 
[We praise Thee] 

in that Thou wast struct with the palm of the 

hand before Annas, 
accused before Caiaphas, 
attacked by false witnesses, 
condemned for blasphemy, 
derided manifold, 
mocked by the servants, 

struck with the palm of the hand, 
wast blinded, 
spit upon, 
blasphemed : 
Thy Head was crowned with thorns, 


and struck with the reed, 

Thine Eyes dim with tears, 

Thine Ears filled with reviling, 

Thy Mouth given to drink of gall and vinegar, 

Thy Face marred with spitting, 

Thy Back ploughed with the scourge. 

Thy Neck bent down with the cross, 

Thy Hands extended, 

The Knees bent as in prayer. 

Thy Feet pierced with nails, 

Thy Heart oppressed with grief. 

Thy Side pierced with the lance ; 

Thy Blood flowing in all sides plenteously 
around Thee ; 

Thy Soul ifl bitterness, 
and Thy cry of agony, 
Eli, Eli! 
["VYe praise Him that 

He deigned] to be accused before Pilate of 

to be denied by His Owti, 

rejected for Barabbas. 
[He deigned] to be sent bound to Herod, 

to be clothed with a white robe, 

to be mocked. 


[He deigned] to be sent back to Pilate, 
to be clamoured against for death, 
to be condemned to a shameful death, 
to be given up to the will of the soldiers, 
to be arrayed in purple, 
to be crowned with thorns, 
to be mocked with a reed for a sceptre, 
to be bowed the knee to, 
to be called King in derision, 
to be spit upon, 

to be smitten on the Head with the reed, 
to be stripped of the purple. 
[He deigned] to be bound to a column in the 

to be beaten with rods, 

to be scourged, 

to be baptized with a baptism of blood, 

to suffer bruises and wounds, 

to be demanded with clamour for crucifixion, 

to be exhibited as a spectacle of woe, 

Behold the Man ! 
to be cried out against the more vehemently, 
to be condemned to the Cross. 
[He deigned] to be laden with the Cross, 
led to the place of punishment, 


to sink under the Crosa, 

to have m^Trh given Him to drink, 

to endure the shame of being stripped, 

the agony of being extended on the Cross, 

to be pierced with nails, 

to have Hands and Feet riven, 

to be crucified between two thieves, 

to be reckoned among the transgressors, 

to be reviled by the passers by, 

to be blasphemed by the very thieves, on Gol- 
[He deigned] to be forsaken of God, 

to be mocked in His cry to God, 

to thirst, 

to have vinegar given Him to drink, 

to bow the Head, 

give up the Ghost, 

that His side shouldbe pierced with the spear, 

to be blasphemed after death, 

to be called a deceiver, 

to suffer unknown sufferings. 
By Thy woes, which I unworthy here commemo- 

preserve my soul from the woes of hell ! 


The Seven Last "Words. 

1. Fathee, FonaiTE them; eob they know 

not what they do. 

2. "Woman, Behold thy son ! 

3. To-day shalt thou be with Me in 


4. Eli, Eli. 


G. It is finished. 

7. Eathee, into Thy hands I commend 
My spieit. 

Thou, "Who didst deign 
that Thy glorious Head should be wounded, 
forgive thereby whatever, by the senses 
of my head, I have sinned. 
That Thy holy Hands should be pierced, 
forgive thereby, whatever I have done amiss 
by unlawful touch, 
or illicit operation. 
That Thy precious Side should be opened, 
forgive thereby whatever I have offended 
by lawless thoughts, 
in the ardour of passion. 



That Thy blessed Feet should be riven, 

forgive thereby whatever I have done 

by the means of feet swift to evil. 

That Thy whole Body should be distended, 

forgive thereby whatever iniquity I have committed 

by the intervention of all my members. 

And I, too, O Lord, am wounded in soul ; 

behold the multitude, 

the length, the breadth, the depth, 

of my wounds ; 

and by Thine, heal mine. 

Thy Precious Death, 

Thy riven Side, 

the streams of Water and Blood, 

the begging of Thy Body, 

Thy taking down from the Cross, 

Thy Burial in the garden of another, 

Thy three days' sepulture : 

By all these things I remind and beseech 

Thee ; ' 
I pray Thee that Thou wouldest deign to lay all 

these things before Thy Father, 


pleading them for my sake ; 

all the sufferings which Thou barest ; 

the Love above all by which Thou barest. 

[We praise Him for] 
His Transfiguration ; 
His triumph over Principalities, and leading them 
and over the powers of Darkness in Himself : 
His mighty Eesurrection ; 
His appearance to S. Mary Magdalene, 
to the women, 
to S. Peter, 

to the two that went to Emmaus, 
to the Ten without S. Thomas, 
to the Eleven, 
at the sea of Tiberias, 
to S. James, 
to the Eive Hundred, 
in Bethany. 

His Grlorious Ascension, 
Session at the Eight Hand, 
distribution of gifts, 
continual pleading for us, 
return to Judgmeut. 


For the Holy Ghost, 
Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire, 
And lighten with celestial fire ; 
Tliou the Anointing Spirit art, 
Who dost Thy sevenfold gifts impart. 
In the Old Testament, 

Thy moving upon the face of the waters, 
Tliy emission into aU things living, 
Thy Inspiration of man, 
of Bezaleel, 
of the Seventy Elders, 
Thy descent upon the Prophets. 
Thy visible Advent ; 
As a shadow; 
The coming upon and overshadowing 

at the Incarnation of Christ. 
As a Dove ; 
Thy coming in the shape of a dove upon Christ 
in Baptism. 
As fiery tongues ; 

after the Ascension : 
Thy Invisible Advent ; 

on the Apostles gathered together in prayer, 

on Cornelius, 

on the twelve Ephesians. 


Thy often visitations tliencefortb ; 
In calling ; 

calling away from sin ; 
calling out of the world, 

recalling from backsliding ; 
In our calling on Thee ; 
in* Thy pleading for us ; 
Thy distribution of Graces, Ministrations, Opera- 
The Graces of the Spuit ; AVorks, Fruits. 
The compunction caused by Thy repi'oval, 
the Unction of Thy Teaching, 
and calling to Memory, 
Thy shedding forth of Love, 
Thy helping our infirmities, in praying, 
Thy witnessing our Adoption, 
Thy Sealing in Thy mysteries, 
the Earnest of our Inheritance. 

Thy visiting us, — to visit the heart, 

dwelling in us, 

purifying us, 

shining on us, — illumination, 

strengthening us, 

• Voeatio, invocatio, advocatio. The antithesis cannot ■well be pre 
served in English. 



adorning us, 

leading us to perfection ; 
The Guide unto Truth, 
the suppliance of strength. 


^n ^ct of ^Uat)ing. 

The Triumph of Mercy, 

Thy Name's Sake, 

the glory of Thy Name, 

the truth of Thy Promise, 

intervention of Thine Oath, 

comfort of Love, 

bowels of mercies. 

Thy Mercy which is manifold, 
great, {Psal. li. 1.) 
ancient, {Psal. xxv. 6.) 
plenteous, {Psal. cxxx. 7.) 
everlasting, {Psal. cxxxvi.) 
exceeding, {Eph. ii. 4.) 
marvellous, {Psal. cxvii. 8.) 

the riches of Thy Mercy, {JEph. i. 7.) 

it^ abundance, {Eph. i. 8.) 

its excess, (1 Tim. i. 14.) 

its superabundance, {Bom. v. 20.) 

— o 


its exceeding riches, {EpTi. ii. 7.) 
its victory over all Thy works, {Psal, cxlv. 9.) 

over justice, {S. James ii. 13.) 
the satisfaction and merits of Christ, 
the consolation of the Holy Ghost. 
Thy Mercy 

by which it is that we are not consumed, 

{Lam. iii. 22.^ 
that preventeth, (Psal. Ixxix. 8.) 
foUoweth, (Psal. xxiii. 6.) 
surroundeth, (Psal. xxxii. ]0.) 
forgiveth, (Psal. ciii. 3.) 
crowneth, (Psal. ciii. 4.) 
hath length, breadth, depth, height, (J^A.iii.18.) 
is from everlasting, (Psal. xxv. 6.) 
to everlasting, (Psal. Ixxxix. 2.) 
reacheth to Heaven, (Psal. cviii. 4.) 
reacheth to hell, (Psal. Ixxxvi. 13.) 
is over all, (Rom. ii. 32.) 
is tender, (8. Luke i. 78.) 
sweet, (Psal. Ixix. 16 ;' cxxix. 21.) 
better than life, (Psal. Ixiii. 3.) 
as is Thy Majesty, (Ecclus. ii. 18.) 
pardoning unto seventy times seven, 

(<S.J/a«.xviii. 12.) 

Q Q 


hating nothing that it hath made, 
neglecting neither the young ravens, 

nor the sparrow, 
willing that all should be saved, 1 Tim. ii. 4.) 
willing not that any should perish, 

(2 S. Fet. iii. 9.) 
bringing back the lost sheep on the shoulder, 

(S. LuJce XV. 5.) 
sweeping the house for the lost drachma, 

{S. LuTce XV. 6,) 
forgiving the ten thousand talents, 

{S. Matt, xviii. 27.) 
binding up the wounds of the half dead, 

{S. ImTce x. 34) 
joyfully meeting the Prodigal Son, 

{S. lAihe XV. 20.) 
that freed the fugitive Jonah, 
received the denying Peter, 
did not reject the incredulous Thomas, 
converted the blaspheming Saul, 
liberated the woman taken in adultery, 
received Mary Magdalene, 
opened Paradise to the thief, 
standeth at the door and knocketh, 


the Lord Himself entreating Hia own servautis, 

(2 Cor. V. 20.) 
whose place is the Throne of Grace, 

the Mercy-seat, 
whose time is the Day of Salvation. 
I have deferred repentance, 
and Thou hast prolonged patience by Mercy, 
Thou Fountain inexhaustible ! 

ireparatfon to ^raDer. 

Let my prayer ascend, 

come up to Thee, (2 CJiron. xix. 27.) 

enter, {Psal. Ixxxviii. 2.) 

appear in Thy Presence, (Psal cxli. 2.) 

find grace, 

approach unto Thee ; {Psal. cxix. 109.) 

and let it not return unto me void, 

but as Thou knowest, and canst, and wiliest. 

Hear, {Psal. cxix. 149.) 

bow down Thine Ear, 

{Psal. Ixxxvi. 1 ; Dan. ix. 19.) 
hearken and consider, {Psal.xlv. 10 ; Lam.'i. 12.) 
listen, {Psal. Ixiv. 1.) 
hearken and do. {Dan. ix. 19.) 

^n ^ct of Deprecation. 

Cast not Thy servant away in anger, 

(^Psal. xxvii. 9.) 
nor hide Thine Eyes, 
nor cover Thy Face, (Job xiii. 24.) 
nor interpose a cloud, 
nor shut Thine Ear, (Lam. iii. 8.) 
nor forsake me, {Psal. xxxvii. 1.) 
nor leave me for ever, 
nor despise me, {Psal. xxvii. 9.) 
nor he silent, {Psal. xxx\aii. 13.) 
nor slumber, (S. Matt. viii. 24.) 
nor stand afar off, {Psal. x. 1.) 
nor repel me, {Psal. xliv. 23.) 
norutterly take Thy loving-kindness from me, 

{Psal. Ixxxix. 33.) 
nor falsiiy Thy Truth, 

norrebukemeiuThine indignation, ( 1.) 
nor chasten me ia Thy displeasure, 

{Psal. xxxviii. 1.) 



uor cast me away from Thy Presence, 

nor count me a reprobate from among Thy 

nor take Thy Holy Spirit from me, 

{Psal. Ivii. 11.) 
nor forget me for ever, {Psal. Ixxiv. 19.) 
nor be wroth very sore, {Isaiah Ixiv. 9.) 
nor shut me up nor consume me in the hand 
of mine iniquity, 

{Psal. xxvi. 9 ; Isa. Ixiv. 7.) 
nor tarry, {JIah. ii. 1.) 
nor gather my soul with sinners, (P«. xxvi. 9.) 
If by Thy permission, we suffer for a while the 
power of the enemy, 
yet let us not in any wise be swallowed up 
by his insatiable jaws. 
Let the lion be conquered by the lamb, 
the mighty spirit by feeble flesh. 

^n act of ^hating. 

Remembee what my substance is, 

dust and ashes, 

grass and a flower, 

flesh and a wind that passeth away, 

corruption and the worm, 
as a stranger and sojourner upon earth, 

inhabiting a house of clay, 

whose days are few and evil, 

to-day and not to-morrow, {Prov. xxvii. 1.) 

at morningandnot till evening, (Js.xsxviii. 13.) 

now and not presently, 

in a body of death, 

in a world of corruption, 
that lieth in wickedness ; 
Eemember this. {Fsal. Ixxiv. 18.) 

^11 ^ct of ©onfesssion 

I HAVE sinned ; 

of a verity, O Lord, and I am made of sins ; for 

even my life maketli it manifest. 
I confess it unto Thee, seeing that if I would, I 

could not conceal it from Thee, Lord. 
Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean ? 
I am a sinner, of unclean seed, 
of an unclean womb. 
My mother conceived me in sin ; 
a root of bitterness, 

a shoot of a wild olive-tree. 
I have sinned with my fathers; I have done- 

amiss and dealt wickedly, (Fs. cvi. 6.) 
I have done perversely, I have committed wick- 
edness : (1 Kings viii. 47.) 
I have borne myself forwardly in the covenant; 
I have cast away the law : {Is. v. 24.) 
rejected discipline ; (Frov. xv. 32.) 



vexed Thy Holy Spirit ; {Is. Ixiii. 10.) 
done the imaginations of my heart : 

(Jer, xviii. 12.) 
gone on from sin to sin ; 
have not feared Thee ; 
have not returned ; {Sf. Luke xv. 18.) 
not even when recalled ; {Jer. v. 13.) 
nor when afflicted; (Jer. v. 3; Prov. xxiii. 35.) 
but have hardened my heart ; (ITeb. iii. 13.) 
provoked Thee ; (1 Kings xvi. 33.) 
and all this Thou hast seen ; {Lam. iii. 59.) 
and held Thy peace. {Ps. 1. 21.) 





C|)e "ilggtabatton of ^fn. 

Its measure, 
its harm, 
its scandal. 
Its quality, 

Its iteration, — how often ? 
Its continuation, — how long ? 
The person, — by whom ? 

his age, condition, state, enlightenment. 
Its manner, 
Its motive. 
Its time, 
Its place. 
Folly, ingratitude, hardness, contempt. 
The various kinds of sin ; 

the cord and the cart-rope ; {Is. v. 18.) 

in necessary things, 

in things superfluous, 



omission or defect, 

the not doing what ought to be done ; 
commission, or excess, 

the doing what ought not to be done ; 
by heart within, in thought ; 

by mouth, |^ti,,^t,-(^^^°^^' 

by deed, j v in fact. 

Against God, my neighbour, my own body. 

By knowledge and by ignorance. 

"Willingly and unwillingly. 

Of old and of late. 

In boyhood and youth ; 

in mature and old age. 
Things done once ; 

repeated often, 
Hidden and open. 
Things done in anger, 

or from the lust of the flesh and the world. 
Before and. after my call. 
Asleep by night, and awake by day. 
Things concerning myself alone, 

and things connected with others. 
Things remembered, and things forgotten. 
Whateverlmayhavedone wrong, from myyouth 
till now, till this moment, 


knowingly or ignorantlj, ■mthin or without, 
asleep or awake, 
by words, deeds, or thouglitg, 
through the fiery darts of the enemy, 
through the unclean desires of the flesh, 
I have sinned against Thee ; 
Have mercy on me, G-od, and forgive me ! 

GrRiEF, for the wound. 

Shame, for the spots, filth, defilement. 

Sorrow, for the guilt. 

Horror, for the punishment. 

Weariness, of the servitude, yoke. 

Tear, indignation, judgment, revenge, 

hatred, humiliation, flight of occasions, 

striking the breast, striking the thigh, 

putting away luxuries, sackcloth, fasting, 

devotion, commemoration, the works of mercy. 
Grant that I may ever gorrow, 
and ever joy in that sorrow. 

Have meect ! 

Look on me and have mercy, despise me not, 
call to remembrance Thy loving-kindness, 
let Thy tender mercies speedily prevent us, 
be not angry, regard not my sin 

with indignation. 


be gracious, restrain, put off, Thine anger, 
nor set against me, nor impute, 
nor remember, nor observe my sin, 

nor enter into judgment, nor despise, 

nor cast from Thy presence. 
How long ? for ever ? 

Be placable, ready to perform, exorable. 
Let not Thine anger come upon me, 
but let Thy Grace prevent me ! 
Shew mercy upon me ; now and in the hour of 

death ! 
Let not the fault of the flesh avail to punishment ; 
yea rather let the kindness of Thy mercy pre- 
vail to pardon ! 

Guilt, Defilement, Sickness, Slavery. 

I. The Gmlt, 
Space, away with, remove, scatter, 

pardon, shew mercy, forgive, set free 

from the punishment, 
be propitious, be reconciled, turn Thee again, 

II. The Pollution. 

Tm-n Thy face from my sins ; turn it not from 
my misery. 


Pass by, dissimulate, tolerate, cover, 

cleanse, purge, wash away, whiten, destroy. 

III. The Sickness. 

Cure, medicine, heal, lighten, extirpate. 

IV. The Slavery. 

Vindicate from, snatch from, free, 


I resolve. 

I have determined, longed, I desire envy, 

study, clear myself, 
to turn from, to forsake, to leave, 

to say it is enough, 
to say, I will no more do so, 

to be converted to Thee, to turn my feet to Thee, 
to raise my hands to Thee, to turn from all else, 
to scatter my own will, to make crooked straight, 
to surround myself with a hedge. 

I am weak. 

That I would, I do not : that I do, I would not. 


The children are come to the birth, 

and there is not strength to bring forth. 
Thoughts, arising in my heart, prevent me. 
The floods have entered into my soul. 
The law of my members subjects me. 
Lord, I am oppressed, undertake for me, 
Who ^vill deliver me ? 
Help, O God, make haste to help me ; 
assist, save me, God ; 
succour, Let God arise ; 
convert, Eise, O Lord ; 
seek, arise to aid ; 
open Thine eyes to see ; bovr down Thine ear to 

incline my heart ; open my ears ; illuminate my 

confirm my hands ; direct my steps ; try my reins ; 

chasten my flesh ; 
draw me, and we will run after Thee; keep me in 

with a bridle ; keep me near Thee ; 
let me not return to my evil ways ; 

nor fall into any temptation, but such as is 
common to man ; 
Let not the enemy prevail against me ; 
nor the waterflood overwhelm me ; 


Hedge up my way with tliorns ; 

take away occasions of sin and scandal. 

Best fob the mind. 

Sin lieth yet before the door. 

I will not destroy it for ten's sake. 

In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen. 

The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, 

abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy 

for thousands, forgiving iniquity and trans- 
gression and sin. 
If they will accept of the punishment of their 

iniquity, then will I remember My covenant. 
When all these things are come upon thee, and 

thou shalt return unto the Lord thy God, 

thou shalt call them to mind, 

then the Lord thy God wiU have compassion upon 
Why art thou cast down, O my soul ? 

and why art thou so disquieted within me ? 
O put thy trust in God, for I shall yet praise Him. 
Turn again then unto thy rest, O my soul, 

for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with me. 
think upon Thy servant, as concerning Thy Word, 



wherein Thou hast caused me to put my trust. 
A ccept me according unto Thy Word , that I may live, 
and let me not be disappointed in my hope. 
He will not always be chiding, neither keepeth He 
His anger for ever. 

He hath not dealt with us after our sins ; 
neither rewarded us according to our wickednesses. 
But He was so merciful that He forgave their misdeeds, 

and destroyed them not : 
Tea, many a time turned He His wrath away, 
and would not suffer His whole displeasure to arise. 
He remembered that they were but flesh : 
a wind that passeth away, and cometh not again. 
Comenow,andletusreason together, saith the Lord: 
though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white 

as snow ; 
and though they be red like crimson, they shall be 
as wool. 
In returning and rest shall ye be saved. 
And therefore will the Lord wait, that He may be 

gracious unto you. 
A bruised reed shall He not break ; 
and smoking flax shall He not quench. 
I, even I, am He that blotteth out tliy transgressions 
for Mine Own Sake : 


return unto Me, for I have redeemed thee. 
And even to your old age I am He, 

and even to hoar hairs will I carry you. 
I have made, and I will bear ; 

even I will carry and will deliver you. 
Surely He hath borne our griefs, and carried our 

sorrows ; 
He was wounded for our transgressions ; He was 

bruised for our iniquities ; the chastisement of 

our peace was upon Him ; and with His stripes 

are we healed. 
All we like sheep have gone astray ; 

we have turned every one to his own way ; 

and the Lord hath laid upon Him the iniquity of 
us all. 
And it shall be, that before they call, I will answer .- 

while they are yet speaking, I will hear : 
Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die ; 

and not that he should return from his way and 

live ? 
Bepent, and turn yourselves from all 
your transgressions ; 

so iniquity shall not be your ruin. 
As I live, I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner, 

but that the vricked turn from his way and live ; 


turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways, 
for why will ye die, house of Israel ? 

{Ezek. xixiii. 11.) 
As for the wickedness of the wicked, 

he shall not fall thereby in the day that he tumetlx 
from his wickedness. {EzeTc. xxxiii. 12.) 
If the wicked turn from his wickedness, and do that 
which is lawful and right, 
he shall live thereby. 
Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unnghteous 
man his thoughts, 
and let him return unto the Lord, and He will 
have mercy upon him ; 
and unto our God, for He will abundantly pardon. 


God, Thou knowest my foolisliness, 

and my faults are not hid from Thee. 
I also acknowledge them, and my sin is ever before 

I have not covered my transgressions, like Adam. 

(Job xxxi. 33.) 
I incline not my heart to any evil thing, {Ps. cxli. 4.) 
But I will acknowledge my sin unto Thee, 

(Ps. xxxii. 5.) 
and all that is within me ; (Ps. ciii. 1.) 
and all my bones shall say, {Ps. xxxv. 10.) 

I have sinned : 
I have gone astray, like a sheep that is lost ; 
as a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke ; 

(Jer. xxxi. 18.) 
I have returned like a dog to his vomit ; 

as a sow tluit was washed, to her wallowing in 
the mire. 




I give glory to the Lord God of Israel, saying, 

I have sinned ; and thus and thus have I done. 
Break not the bruised reed ; 

quench not the smoking flax ; 
Let not the waterflood drown me, 
neither let the deep swallow me up, 

and let not the pit shut her mouth upon me. 
Lord, Thou knowest all my desire, 

and my groaning is not hid from Thee. 
Thou knowest, Lord, that I speak the truth in Christ, 
and lie not, 
my conscience also bearing me witness 
in the Holy Ghost, 
that I have gi'eat heaviness and continual sorrow 
in my heart, 
because I have thus sinned against Thee 
that I am a burden to myself, in that I cannot 

sorrow more ; 
that I beseech from Thee 
a contrite heart, 

groanings that cannot be uttered, 
tears of blood. 
Woe is me ! for my dryness, 
for the hardness of my heart, 
for the dryness of my eyes. 


Lord, I repent ; I repent, Lord ! 
help Thou mine impenitence ; 
and more and more bruise, and wound, and pierce, 
ajid strike my heart. 
Behold, Lord, 
that I am indignant with myself 
on account of the foolish and vain and mischievous 
and dangerous desires of my flesh : 
that I abhor myself 
for the madness and baseness and vileness of those 
worthy of confusion and reproach ; 
that all the day long my confusion is before me, 
and the shame of my face hath covered me. 
Woe is me ! 
that I did not reverence nor dread 

the incomprehensibleness of the Glory, 
the tremendous Power, 
the awfulness of the Presence, 
the exquisite Justice, 
the admirable Goodness. 
How have I been drawn away by mine own lusts ! 
how have I hated reproof ! 

and have not obeyed the voice of my 
teachers ! 



Behold, O Lord, 
that fearfulness and trembliBg are come upon me, 
and the fear of death hath fallen upon me ! 
"What fear, what terror, what trembling, 
what agony, what extremity have I yet to see ! 

What confusion will seize me ! 
"What shades will surround me ! 
How terrible is Thy judgment-seat, O God ! 

when the thrones are setand the Angels in presence, 
and men brought in and the books opened, 
and the works investigated 
and the thoughts scrutinized, 
and the hidden things of darkness made known : 
What will be the judgment against me ? 
when there is the incorruptible Judge, 
and the tremendous Tribunal, 

and the excuseless defence, 
and the irrefragable accusation, 
and the fearful punishment, andthe eternal Gehenna, 
and the pitiless angels, and the open hell-mouth, 
and the roaring river of fire, 
and that fire inextinguishable, 
and the prison of darkness, and that darkness rayless, 
and the bed of live coals, and the restless worm, 
and the indissoluble chains, and the immeasurable chaos, 


A>' ACT OF C0NFES8I0K. 99 

aud the giilf that cannot be passed, and the lament 
that cannot be consoled, 
and none to assist, to advocate, to free ! 

Behold, Lord, 
I adjudge myself worthy of, and amenable to, 
and guilty of, 
eternal punishment ; 
yea, and of all the straits of this world : 
From Thee, O Lord, I have merited death, from Thee, 

the Just One ; 
but yet to Thee, Lord, I appeal, to Thee the 
Merciful One ; 
from the tribunal of Justice, to the Mercy- seat 
of Grace ; 
permit, O Lord, this appeal : 
if Thou dost not, we perish ! 

Aud, O Lord, carest Thou not that we perish? 
Thou Who wilt have all men to be saved, 
Who art not willing that any should perish ? 

Behold me, Lord, 
condemned by my own judgment ! 
Behold me ; and enter not Thou, Lord, into 
judgment with Thy servant ! 




I am less than the least of all Thy mercies ; 

1 am not worthy to be the lowest of Thine hired 

servants ; 
I am not worthy to gather the crumbs that fall from 

Thy table : 
I am not worthy to touch the hem of Thy gar- 
And now, Lord, humbling myself under Tliy 
mighty hand, 
I bend my knees to Thee, and fall down to tho 
ground, on my face. 
I stretch forth my hands unto Thee ; 
my soul gaspeth unto Thee as a thirsty land. 
I dare not so much as to lift up 
mine eyes unto Heaven, 
but I smite upon my breast. 

Out of the deep hath my soul cried unto Thee, 
and all that is within me ; 
for Thy great mercy, and for the multitude of Thy 
for Thy Name-sake, for the glory of Thy Name, 

be merciful to my sin : 
for it is great ; for it is exceedingly great. 
Forthe multitude, the great multitude, the riches, the 


tlie superabundance of Thy loving-kindnesses, 
be merciful unto me, Lord, a sinner : 
Lord, O Lord, be merciful unto me of sinners 
tbe greatest. 
Lord let Thy Mercy rejoice against Thy Justice, 
in my sin. 

my Lord, where sin hath abounded, there let 

Grace more exceedingly abound. 
Lord, hear : Lord, forgive ; Lord, hearken, 
and do ; 
defer not for Thine Own Sake, O my God ! 

1 believe that, for a Great Mystery of godliness, 
for us men, and for our Salvation, 

Jesus the Man, 
the Son of the Father, 
the Anointed of the Spirit, 
our Lord, both as Creator and Redeemer, 
was God manifest in the flesh ; 
that He worketh ef&caciously and manifestly, 
by illumination of science, and infusion of grace, 
in reprehension, and teaching, and long-suffering, 
and assistance, and witnessing, and consolation : 
the gifts and graces of the Spirit. 
[Give me grace] unceasingly to return thanks 
to Thy "Word and only Son : 



as the Pai'ifier of our nature, in His Conception 

and Nativity ; 
the Liberator of our persons, in His Passion, Cross, 

and Death ; 
the Victor over hell, in His Descent ; 
over death, in His Resurrection ; 
our Precursor, in His Ascension ; 
our Advocate, in His Session ; 
the Eestorer of our faith, in His Second Advent : 
Who to our destroyer opposes Himself 
as our Saviour, 
to Abaddon, as Jesus ; 
to Satan, the adversary, as our Mediator ; 
to the devil, the calumniator, as our Advocate ; 
to the Accuser, as our Intercessor ; 
to him that leadeth us captive, as our Eedeemer. 
[Grant] that Christ Himself may be formed in us, 
that we may be made conformable to His image ; 
that when I am lukewarm in prayer, and stand in 
need of any Grace, 
or of celestial consolation, 
I may remember Thy session of Intercession, 
and of return to judgment ; 
when I am inflamed by passion and evil concupis- 


I may bear in mind Thy tremendous and fearful 
and that the last trumpet may ceaselessly sound 
in mine ears. 
That for the sake of Thine Anointed, 
I may receive, Father Who anointest, Thine 
the grace that bringeth salvation, Thy ineffable 
gift of the Holy Spirit, 
in healthful compunction, and clearness of know- 
fervent prayer and diffusion of charity, 
the witness of the Seal and the Earnest ; 
that I may never extinguish the Spirit, 
nor strive against Him, nor grieve Him, nor ever 
insult Him, O Lord. 
That we may be called in Thy Church, 

and being lively members thereof in wish and will, 
as it is Catholic, 
we maybe partakers in the Communion, as it is holy, 
of holy persons and holy things, 
of holy prayers and the holy Liturgy, 
to a trust in the remission of sins, 
and hope of resurrection and translation unto 
life eternal. 


Lord, increase my faith as a grain of mustard-seed! 
let it not be dead, nor temporary, nor hypocritical ; 
but let it operate through charity, co-operate with 

works, be the supplier of virtue, 
conquer the world, and be most holv. 
God of Truth, the Prince of Peace, 
let there be peace and truth in our days ; 
let the multitude of them that believe be of one 
heart and of one soul. 

Thou, That dost not break the bruised reed, 

nor quench the smoking flax 
establish all them that stand in truth and grace, 
restore them that are falling through error or sin. 

1 beseech Thee, Lord, of Thy Mercy, 

let Thine anger be turned away from this city, and 
from this house, 
for we have sinned against Thee. 

Be Thou pleased favourably to regard this place and 

all this land, 

tempering justice with mercy. 

Grant that I may love them that love me, ihougli I 

know them not ; 

and bring them, as me, into Thy heavenly kingdom, 

and grant that I may shew them the mercy of God, 


[by remembering them] in my prayers ; 
That I, with those for -whom I have prayed, 
and those for whom I am in any way soever bound 
to pray, 
and with all the people of God, 

may have an entrance into Thy kingdom ; 
there to appear in righteousness, and to be satisfied 
with glory. 

Blessed is the people, OLord, that can rejoice in Thee; 
they shall walk in the light of Thy countenance ; 
their delight shall be daily, O Lord, in Thy JN'ame; 
in Thy glory shall they make their boast. 
;SIy mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord, 
and let all flesh bless His Holy Name for ever. 

magnify the Lord with me ; 

and let us exalt His Name together ! 
Hearken unto me, ye that fear God ; 

and I will tell you what He hath done for my soul. 
Be Thou exalted, God, above the heavens ; 
and Thy glory above all the earth. 

1 will give thanks unto Thee, OLord, with my whole 

in the assembly of the righteous, and in the 



Open my mouth, that I may bless Thy Name ; 
set me free from all things else for the telling of 
Thy Praise ; 
I will sing unto Thee in the sight of the Angels. 
Accept the praises, which I desire to offer, 
an unworthy sinner, verily unworthy : 

but yet I would fain they may be devoted and 
grateful to Thee ! 
Thou art worthy, Lord God, to receive them ; 

Thou art my God, and I will praise and exalt Thee : 
I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live ; 

I will praise my God while I have any being. 
Glory to God in the highest : 

on earth peace ; good will towards men ! 
Glory and blessing, virtue and power, 
honour and thanksgiving, riches and holiness 

praise and wisdom, power and salvation, 
be to our God That liveth for ever ; 

That sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb 
That was slain. 
Amen: Hallelujah. 
Hosanna in the highest : blessed be He That coracth 
in the Name of the Lord I 


-^^^"^ ^n ^ct of C^anfesgibing. 

It vrould rather behove me, O Lord, 
a sinner, and impenitent, and so, wholly unworthy, 

to lie prostrate before Thee*, 
and with tears and groanings to intreat the pardon 
of my sins, 
than to praise Thee with polluted mouth ; 
yet trusting in Thine innate goodness, I will adore 
oh, receive Thou the praises that it is in my heart 
to sing. 
I praise Thee, I bless Thee, I worship Thee, I 
glorify Thee ; 
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive the praises 
and the thanks. 
Whom I, a sinner, am unworthy to invoke, 
and to name, and even to conceive in my heart. 
Blessed art Thou, Lord, 
Who hast created and brought me forth into this life, 

• Transposed from p. 337. 


and hast ordered that I should be a living soul 
and not senseless matter : 
a man, not a brute ; civilized, not barbarous ; 
free, not a slave ; legitimate, not spurious ; 
of good parentage ; not sprung from vile extraction, 

and as vile myself; 
endued with sense, not an idiot ; 
sound in senses, not blind nor deaf; 
sound in limbs, not halt nor maimed ; 
educated, not exposed ; 

brought up to literature, not to a mechanical trade; 
a Christian, not a pagan ; 

preserved from dangers and infamy, not over- 
whelmed thereby ; 
in the days of peace, not tossed in tempestuous 

struggles ; 
of competent fortune, so that I need neither to 

flatter nor to borrgw ; 
set free from many sins ; 
endued with the gifts of grace, in redemption and 

calling ; 
with the gifts of nature and fortune. 
Who according to Thy great mercy, hast begotten 
us again unto a lively hope, 
by the resurrection of Jesus Christ : 


unto an Inheritance incorruptible and undefiled 
and that fadeth not away ; 
reserved in Heaven for us : 
Who hast blessed me with all spiritual blessings 

in heavenly things in Christ ; 
Who comfortest me in all my tribulation, 
that as the passions of Christ abound in me, 
so also my consolation sliould abound through 
To Thee, O God of my fathers, I give thanks ; 
Thee I praise, "Who hast in some measure endued 

me with wisdom and courage ; 
and hast shewed methatwhichlrequested ofThee, 
and hast opened my mouth : 
[and hast caused me to be] the work of Thine hands, 
and the price of Thy blood ; 
and the image of Thy countenance, and the servant 
of Thy purchase ; 
and the seal of Thy Name, and the child of Thine 
adoption ; 
and the temple of Thy Spirit, and a member 
of Thy Church. 

The address ; 

let prayer ascend ; turn not away Thine ear ; 
Confession of 
sins; because — 
lamentations; through — 
supplication ; according to — 
Profession of 

faith and hope. 
Confession of benefits : 
praise, worship, giving of thanks, 

for creation, bringing up, government, 
preservation, ordering, redemption : 
by the Conception, 
Deprecation of Sin, Nativity, 

Punishment. Life, 

Comprecation of Grace, Passion, 

Eeward. Death, 





Intercession for all creatures, 

the human rac^, 

the Church, 


our own, 

Benediction ; 
Nightly and daily exercise 
of penitence, for evils done ; 
of gratitude, for good received. 
of age, \ /an old man, 

vocation, > jf { in the clergy, 
state*; ' ( a Bishop. 

» The clauses introduced by rcl sic are either omitted or incorporated 
with the above. 


an ®ct of ^jbanfes. 

LoED, I am less ttan all Thy mercies, 

and all Thy truth, which Thou hast shewed unto 
Thy servant ; 
and what can I say more unto Thee P 

for Thou, Lord God, knowest Thy servant. 
What is Thy servant, Lord God, and what is my 
that Thou shouldest look on such a dead dog 

as I am ? 
that Thou hast loved me hitherto ? 
what shall I render unto the Lord for all the bene- 
fits that He hath done unto me ? 
what thanks can we render unto God 

for aU the joy wherewith we joy before Him ? 
Thou "Who hast deigned, O Lord, in this holy day 
and at this hour, 
to raise my mind to Thy praise, 

and to offer Thee the glory due unto Thee, 
Receive, O Lord, this spiritual sacrifice from my soul, 

114 AK ACT or THANKS. 

and receiving it to Thee unto Thy spiritual Altar. 
be pleased in its stead to send me the grace of 
Thy Most Holy Spirit. 
Visit me in Thy goodness ; 

forgive me every sin, as well voluntary as 
Deliver me from eternal punishment : 

yea, and from aU the miseries of this world. 
Change my thoughts into piety ; 
sanctify my spirit, soul and body ; 

and give me grace to worship and to please Thee 
in piety and holiness of life, 
even until the very end of my days. 
To Him, That is able to do exceeding abundantly 
above all that we ask or think, 
according to the power that worketh in us, 
To Him be glory in the Church in Christ, 

throughout all ages, world without end. 
My soul shall be satisfied as it were with marrow and 
fatness ; 
and my mouth shall praise Thee with joyful lips. 

o 6 

(1.) Let Thy Name be invoked by us ; 
be Thou our shield, and our exceeding great reward; 
whatever word proceedeth from Thee, 
let it not be in us to say against it either good or 

Give us bread to eat, 
and raiment to put on, 
and now forgive the sin and injustice of Thy servants ; 
and let us not take our own thought in our hearts 

on the day for the morrow, Lord ; 
and let not evils take hold on us. 

(2.) Let Thy Name be blessed, now and evermore : 
give us not, for the wickedness of the people, into 

the hands of hypocritical rulers ; 
let it be unto us, Lord, as Thou shalt wDl : 
let not thistles grow instead of wheat, 
and cockle instead of "barley. 


I have sinned : what shall I do unto Thee, Thou 

keeper of men ? 
I wiU make a covenant with my senses, 

that I may not even think upon evil. 
Six times deliver me from straits ; 

and the seventh let not evil touch me. 

(3.) Holiness unto the Lord : 
let us be unto Thee a royal priesthood ; 
let us go out and come in according unto Thy mouth; 
let us not live by bread alone, 
but by every word which proceedeth out of Thy 
mouth ; 
take away our transgressions, iniquities, and sins ; 
not into temptation : not into bitterness ; 
from the destroying A.ngel, and every hurtful stroke, 
Good Lord deliver us ! 

(4.) Blessed be the Name of the Lord, henceforth, 

world without end, 

from the rising up of the sun unto the going down 

of the same ; 

be Thou our Hope, and our Portion in the land of 

the living ; 

^ o 


teach us to do the thing that pleaseth Thee, for 
Thou art our God ; 
let Thy loving Spirit lead us forth into the land 
of righteousness ; 
the eyes of all wait upon Thee, O God, that Thou 
mayest give them their meat in due season: open 
Thou Thine hand, and fill all things living with 
plenteousness ; 
have mercy upon us, God, after Thy great good- 
according to the multitude of Thy mercies do 
away our offences ; 
let not the enemy prevail against us ; 

neitherthe son of wickedness approach to hurt us; 
let no evil befall us, neither any plague come nigh 
our dwelling. 

(5.) Let Thy Name be our strong tower, 
into which we may run and be safe ; 
through Thee kings reign : their hearts are in Thy 
and Thou tumest them as the rivers of water ; 
O Lord, turn them unto good : 
let there not be a multitude of thoughts in our heart; 
but Thy counsel, Lord, let that stand. 


118 THE lobd's peatee paeajheased. 

Two things have I asked of Thee ; deny them not 
to ine before I die : give me neither poverty nor 
riclies ; feed me with food convenient for me. 

"Who can confidently say, I am clean from my sin? 
be merciful unto Thy servants, who have sinned 

against Thee, 
and heal Thou their souls ; 

remove my path far from an occasion of sinning ; 
and let me not approach to the doors of the house 

send not unto us a cruel messenger ; 
but remove all evil far from our houses. 

(6.) Let not Thy Name be evil spoken of through us 

among the heathen ; 

Let all nations and kings that will not serve Thy 


come to an end: yea letthembe utterly laid waste; 

let all Thy counsel stand ; and all that Thou hast 

decreed come to pass ; 
give seed to the sower ; 
and the staff of life for our food ; 
be not wroth with us very sore, and remember not 
our sins for ever ; 
behold, look, we are all Thy people ; 

o— < 

THE loed's peater paeapheased. 119 

let us not put the stumbling-block of our iniquity 

before our face ; {Ezeh. xiv. 4.") 
set not Thy face against us for evil. 

(7.) Our rather, Holy art Thou»; 
Holy is Thy Name above every name ; 
to be reverenced and hallowed of all, 
but of some more than others, 

and of me more than any. 
Yet have I not done so, nor attempted thereto 
what in me lay. 
"Woe is me! that I have not; I confess it openly. 
I grieve from my heart, mind, soul, spirit ; 

suppliant I ask for pardon, suppliant for grace, 
that henceforward I may so speak, do, live, 
that Thy Name by me may be hallowed, 
yea, and would that by others through me ! 
Thy kingdom, the end of my wishes, 

thp.t I may come to it in the state of glory, 

come to me in the state of Grace ; 
in Thy earthly kingdom, by Thy Grace, let me so 
perform something, 
as that I may attain to a place in Thy heavenly 

• Transpoiied from p. 327. 



though the lowest at the feet of Thy Saints. 
Let the will ofthe flesh and of the man depart from me ; 
let Thy holy, just, and gracious will be done 
in the earth, and by the earth, which I am, 
as it is in Heaven. 
Give us what pertaineth to health, peace, and suffi- 
give us Angels' bread unto Life Eternal. 
Forgive me my debts, my huge sum of debts, 
my foul backslidings, my frequent relapses, my daily 
To Thee, O Lord, justice, and to me confusion 
of face. 
My destruction cometh from myself. 
If Thou, Lord, wert extreme to mark what is done 
amiss, — 
Lord, who may abide it? 

But with Thee there is mercy, 
with God redemption ; 
with God is plenteous redemption from sin ; 
and He shall deliver from all iniquities ; 
deliver me, Lord, from mine ; 
deliver my soul from the nethermost hell. 

Deep crieth unto deep, 
that it may deliver from the deep. 

THE lord's PKATEE paeapheased. 121 

other things also there be which I feel less, 
but which be not of less weight, perchance of 
concerning which I ask for illumination, that I 
may be able to confess them. 
And lead me not, nor suffer me to be led, 
nor suffer me to fall into temptation, 
mindful of my weakness, and pitying it, 
and of my so often proved infirmity. 
Eut deliver me from evil : 
evil in myself, the flesh, and its temptation, 
evil in the devil, and his suggestions, 
evU in the punishments which most righteously and 

justly I have deserved, 
evil in the world to come ; — 

spare me there : — afflict, O Lord, if needs, and 
wound me here ; 
evil in the present world ; 

spare me also in this ; 
evil in this world, and its accidents ; 
evil in the disease wherewith I struggle ; 
evil in the business in which I am engaged ; 
evils past, present, and to come ; 

from all these things set me free, Lord, 
and preserve me, Thy servant, for evermore, 

122 THE lord's peatee paeapheased. 

even thougli the last among the last. 

I beseech Thee, Lord, according 
to all Thy mercy, 
let Tliy most righteous indignation be turned 
from me ; 
for most grievously, and often, most often and 
grievously, have I sinned against Thee, 
and especially forgive my latest and freshest sins 
against Thee. 
Let Thine anger be turned away from me, 
from my parents, brothers, and sisters, 

from my Bishop, and household, 
from my relations, friends, neighbourhood, country, 
from all Christian people : Amen. 


The vForld is the sea ; 
men, fishes ; 

church, boat ; 

preacher, fisher ; 
word, net. 

Opek Thou mine eyes, that I may see -woudroua 
things in Thy law. 

Take away, Lord, the veil from my heart, while 
I read the Scriptures. 

Blessed art Thou, Lord : teach me Thy statutes. 

Word of the Father, give me Thy Word, 

Toucli my heart ; lighten the senses of my heart. 

Open my lips, and fill them with Thy praise. 

Be Thou, Lord, in my heart and in my mouth. 

In my mouth, that I may rightly and worthily set 
forth Thy oracles, 
the powerof Thy Most Holy Spirit sanctifying me. 

Thou, That Coal of double nature. Which 
touching the lips of the Prophet, didst purify 
him from sin, touch my lipa who am a sinner, 
set me free from every stain, and make me fit 
to set forth Thy Oracles. 



O Lord, open Thou my lips, and my mouth shall 
shew forth Thy praise. 

Lord, give me the tongue of the learned, that 
I may know what to say : and if there be any 
word for the edification of them that need it, 
give it, that Thou mayest minister grace unto 
the hearers. 

Grant that I may speak boldly. 

1 open my mouth wide, Lord : do Thou fiU it. 


But I will come unto Thy House in the multitude 
of Thy mercies ; 
and in Thy fear will I worship toward Thy holy 
Hear, Lord, the voice of my prayer, when I cry 
unto Thee, 
when I stretch forth my hands toward the mercy- 
seat of Thy holy temple. 
We wait for Thy loving-kindness, God, 

in the midst of Thy temple. 
Remember, Lord, our brothers that are standing 
around us, 
and praying with us at this holy hour, 
for their zeal and devotion ; 
Eemember them also who on reasonable causes are 
and pity them and us according to the multitude 
of Thy loving-kindnesses, Lord. 



Lord, I have loved the habitation of Thy house, 

and the place where Thine honour dwelleth : 

that I may hear the voice of thanksgiving, 

and tell of all Thy wondrous works. 
One thing I have desired of the Lord, 
which I will require, 
even that I may dwell in the house of the Lord 
all the days of my life, to behold the fair beauty 
of the Lord, and to visit His temple. 
My heart hath talked of Thee, Seek ye My face ; 

Thy face, Lord, will I seek. 
Open me the gates of righteousness ; 

that I may go into them, and give thanks imto 
the Lord. 


[Self-IE acamfnation.] 

Hate I penitence, grief, sbame, pain, horror, weari- 
ness, for my sin ? 
[Do I pray,] if not seven times, as David, 

yet at least thrice, as Daniel ? 
If not, as Solomon, at length, 

yet shortly, as the Publican ? 
If not, like Christ, the whole night, 

at least for one hour ? 
If not on the ground, and in ashes, 

at least not in my bed ? 
If not in sackcloth, 

at least not in purple and fine linen ? 
If not altogether freed from all, 

at least from immoderate desires ? 
[Do I give,] if not, as Zaccheus, four-fold, 

at least, as the Law commands, with the fifth 
part added ? {Lev. v. 16.) 



If not as the rich, 
yet as the widow ? 

If not the half, 

yet the thirtieth part ? 

If not above my power, 
yet up to my power ? 


an act of adoration. 

God tlie Father, of Heaven, 
"Who didst marvellously create the world out of 

Who governest and sustainest Heaven and earth 

with Thy power, . 
Who, for our sakes didst give Thine Only-Begot- 
ten to be put to death : 
Grod the Son, Eedeemer of the world. 
Who didst deign to be born of the Virgin, 
Who didst wash us from our sins in Thy precious 

Who rising from the dead didst ascend Victor 
into Heaven : 
God the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, 
Who, in the form of a dove didst descend upon 

Who didst appear upon the Apostles like cloven 

tongues of fire, 
WTio visitest and confirmest with Thy grace the 
hearts of Thy saints j 


Holy, Supreme, Eternal, Blessed, and Glorious 
ever laudable, yet ever ineffable ; 
Father of goodness. Son of love. 

Spirit of bounty, 
Whose Majesty is inscrutable, 
and Power incomparable, 
and Goodness inestimable, 
Whose Work is life, 
Whose Love is grace, 
Whose Contemplation is glory ; 
Deity, Divinity, Unity, Trinity, 

Thee I adore, Thee I invoke. Thee with the whole 

affection of my heart, 
I bless now and ever, 
Thou, Who art Lord of both quick and dead, 
Whose are we, whom this present world yet re- 

taineth in the flesh. 
Whose are they also, whom the life to come hath 
already received, freed from the body, 
give to the quick loving-kindness and grace ; 
give to the dead rest and eternal light ; 
Give to Thy Church truth and peace ; 
and to us sinners penitence and pardon. 


— o 

Go before Thy servant tliis day ; 
if Tlioii Thyself go not forth with me, carry me 
not up hence. 
Thou, Who didst guide the Israelites by an Angel, 

the wise men by a star ; 
Who [didst preserve] Peter in the waves, and Paul 
in shipwreck ; 
be present with me, O Lord, and dispose my way ; 
go with me, and lead me out, and lead me back. 
Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered ; 
away from me, ye wicked ; I will keep the com- 
mandments of ray God. 

g^ ^ SS^ CfD 

^Tftc 5cben SSStorfe^ of iWcrcj. 


Visit : give drink : give meat : redeem the slave : 
Clothe : tend the sick : and lay the dead in grave. 


Counsel : rebuke : instruct in wisdom's way : 
Console : forgive : endure unmov'd : and pray. 




In lEucJbattstic i^ragcr. 

The things wliicli I believe to have been done 
for me, 
which I call to remembrance, for which I return 

which I remember, of which I put Thee in 

remembrance, which I commemorate, 
which I offer, which I pray Thee to offer ; 
of these things make me a partaker, and apply them 

to me. 
By the things which Thou didst, and bearest, 
Thy Oblation and Sacrifice, 
Thy emptying Thyself, Thy humbling Thyself, 

Thy Incarnation, Thy Conception, 
Thy Birth, Thy Circumcision, the first-fruits of 
Thy Blood, 
Thy Baptism, Thy Pasting, 
Thy Temptation, Thy Houselesancss, Thy Hunger, 
Thy Weariness, 


Thy Thirst, Thy Sleeplessness, Thy Injuries -. 

Thy patience, endurance, 

Thy apprehension as a thief, bonds, 
By Gethsemane, Gabbatha, Golgotha, 

Thy obedience unto Death, Thy endurance to 
the Cross : 
Let my prayer ascend ; Turn not away Thine Ear. 
As Thou didst deliver our Fathers,deliver us, Lord ! 
Noah from the deluge, 
Abraham from Ur of the Cbaldees, 
Isaac from sacrifice, 
[Lot from Sodom,] 
Jacob from Laban and Esau, 
Joseph from the calumnies of his mistress, 

the prison, 
Job from the temptations, 
Moses from Pharaoh, and from being stoned. 
Thy people from the Eed sea, and from Babylon, 
David from Saul, Goliath, Keilah, Ahitophel, 

Absalom, Doeg, Sheba, 
Elias from Jezebel, 

Hezekiah from Eabshakeh and the sickness, 
Esther from Haman, 
Joash from Athaliah, 
Jeremiah from the pit, 



( o- 



the Three Children from the furnace, 
Jonah from the belly of the whale, 
the disciples from the storm, 
Peter from the prison of Herod, 
Paul from the shipwreck, stoning, evil beasts ; 
Even so deliver us, O Lord, that put our trust 
in Thee. 

<B, preparation lo ^^^ 

Be Thou exalted, Lord, in Thine Own strength ; 

So will we sing and praise Thy power. 
All Thy works praise Thee, Lord : 

and Thy Saints give thanks unto Thee. 
O Lord, open Thou my lips ; 

and my mouth shall shew forth Thy praise. 

<SLn ^ct of ii^ope. 

In Thee, Lord, have I trusted ; 

let me never be confounded. 
My hope from my mother's breasts ; 

from my youth. 
Thy word, in which Thou hast given me hope. 
My flesh also shall rest in hope. 
The valley of Achor : the Gate of hope. 
There is hope in thine end. 

Hope maketh not ashamed. We are saved by hope. 
The God of Hope ; 

Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him. 
ThouThat artthe Saviour of them that hope in Thee: 
"We have hoped in Thy Holy Name, 
in the covering of Thy wings, 

in Thy shadow, under Thy feathers. 
Thou, Lord, art my Hope, 
The Hope of all the ends of the earth. 



Put thy hope in God. 

I would, that more : I fear, lest — 

I grieve that I cannot : I should joy, if — 

I believe with David, 
to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the 

with S. Paul, 
that Christ Jesus came into the world to savesinners: 

with S. John, 
that if any man sin, we have an Advocate with the 
Father, Jesus Christ the Righteous : aud He is 
the Propitiation for our sins ; and not for ours 
only, but also for the sins of the whole world : 
with S. Peter, 
that Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God: 

with Nathauael, 
that Thou art the Son of God ; Thou art the King 
of Israel : 
with the Samaritans, 
that This is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the 
world : 
with Martha, 
that Thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which 
should come into the world : 



with tlie Eunuch, 
that Jesus Christ is the Son of God ; 

with the Synod of the Apostles and Presbyters, 
that we shall be saved through the grace of our 
Lord Jesus Christ : 

with S. Andrew, 
that we have found the Messiah, Which is the Christ. 

{Gal. ii. 16. 1 Tim. ii. 5, 6. S. James ii. 22.) 

Gloet to God in the highest ; on earth peace ; 

good will towards men. {S. Luke ii. 14.) 
Hosanna to the Son of David. (S. Matt. xxi. 9.) 
Hosanna ; blessed is the King of Israel that cometh 

in the name of the Lord. (5. JoJin xii. 13.) 
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, Which was, 

and is, and is to come. {liev. iv. 8.) 


"Worthy is the Lamb That was slain to receive 
power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, 
and honour, and glory, and blessing. 


Blessing, honour, glory, and power, be unto Him 
That sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb 
for ever and ever. 




Salvation to our God Which sitteth upon the 
throne, and iinto the Lamb. 

Amen : Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and 
thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, 
be unto our God for ever and ever. 


Alleluia: Salvation, and glory, and honour, and 
power, unto the Lord our God. 
{Bev. xix. 5, 7.) 

Sltc^btslDop of ©antctburr. 

Thtseli-, my God, I love, for Thyself, above all 
things. For Thyself I long. Thyself I desire 
as a final end. Thyself, for Thyself, not for 
aught else, I always and in all things hitherto 
seek. With my heart and whole strength, with 
groaning and weeping, with continual labour 
and grief. What therefore wDt Thou give me 
as my final end ? If Thou dost not bestow on 
me Thyself, Thou bestowest on me nothing. 
If Thou dost not give me Thyself, Thou givest 
me nothing. If I find not Thyself, I find no- 
thing. Thou dost not then reward me, but 
torture me. For even before that I souglit 
Thee, I hoped to hold and possess Thee at last. 
And with this honeyed hope, I was sweetly 
consoled in all my labours. But now, if Thou 
deniest me Thyself, and that for ever, and not 
for a season, whatever else Thou shalt give me, 


shall I not always languisli with love, mourn 
with languishing, grieve with mourning, weep 
with grieving, because I shall ever remain void 
and empty ? Shall I not mourn iaconsolably ? 
complain unceasingly ? grieve interminably ? 
This is not Thy wont, God of goodness, of 
clemency, and love ; it is in no wise fitting, 
in no point seemly. Grant, therefore, O my 
gracious God, that in the present life I may 
ever love Thyself, for Thyself, above all things ; 
and in the future world may find Thee, and 
hold Thee for ever. 



CoxTEiTioN ; bitterness of soul ; compunction of 
heart ; 
a torn, a broken, a contrite soul ; 
sorrow before God : groaning : indignation. 
Confession: acknowledgment: prayer deprecating 
the past and the future. 
All have sinned ; 
If Thou, Lord ; . . . who shall abide ? 
No flesh shall be justified before Thee, 
He cannot answer one of a thousand. 
What then ? whether in vain ? 
God hath granted repentance unto life. {Acts xi. 

A place is left for repentance, if sin only lieth at 

the door. {Gen. iv. 7.) 
Yet now there is hope concerning this thing. 

{Hzra X. 2.) 
There may be a lengthening. {Dan. v. 27.) 



And God solicits 

by proclaiming, (Is. xlv. 7.) complaining, 

{Jier. viii. 4.) 
by oath, (^zek. xxx'm. 4.) by waiting,- (is, xxx.18.) 
promising, if paradise to innocence, 
the kingdom of heaven to penitence ; 
threatening, unless — 

{S. Luke xiii, 5. S. John viii. 24.) 
Prayer sacrificeth the mind, conquereth the devil. 

pleaseth God. 
Fasting sacrificeth the body, conquereth the flesh. 

benefiteth ourselves. 

Almsgiving sacrificeth the goods, conquereth the 

world, benefiteth our neighbour. 


Behold me, Lord, behold me ; tlie greatest, the 
worst, the most wretched of sinners. And what 
shall I now say, or in what shall I open my 
mouth ? What shall I answer, when I am guilty, 
guilty, guilty ! I will go over my sins unto Thee 
in the bitterness of my soul ; O that it may be in 
its bitterest bitterness ! Behold, for my peace I 
had great bitterness. Lord, by these things men 
live, and in all these things is the life of Thy Spi- 
rit : so vdlt Thou recover me, and make me to 
live. Like a crane or a swaUow, so wiU I lament; 
I will mourn as a dove. I beseech Thee, Lord, 
by all Thy mercy, let Thy most righteous indigna- 
tion and fury be turned away from me, because I 
have sinned, and that grievously. I have siuned 
against Thee, most often and grievously, I have 
sinned against Thee ! 

Father of mercies, I beseech Thy Fatherly loving- 



kindness, despise not an unclean worm, a dead 
dog, a putrid corpse ; despise not me ! Tea rather 
regard me, Lord, regard me with those eyes 
wherewith Thou didst regard Magdalene in the 
banquet, Peter in the hall, the thief on the cross ; 
that with Peter I may weep, with the thief may con- 
fess, with Magdalene may love ; may love much, 
yea very much, for that many sins are forgiven me. 
Spare me, O Lord ; spare me, a penitent : at the 
least desiring to be a penitent, and preparing 
thereto ; recollecting my sins with bitterness, in- 
dignant with myself concerning them, remember- 
ing and laying hold of Thy most bitter Passion. 
Spare, O Lord, have mercy ! Spare me, Lord, 
have mercy on me ! pity me, because it is not 
difficult to Thy power, nor unbefitting Thy jus- 
tice, nor unusual to Thy clemency. 
That I should thus, for leeks and garlick, have left 
the Bread of Angels ! That I should thus, for the 
husks of swine, have despised my Father's table ! 
Woe wretched, woe frenzied me ! Who fascinated 
me to such madness ? that Thou wouldst deign 
to receive me again ! At least I desire to return : 
better was it with me then, my state beiug as it is 
now. Full therefore of confusiou, unworthy to 


name, or invoke, or think upon Thy Name, were 
it not for Thine innate goodness : yet, relying on 
that very goodness, supplicant, humble, prostrate. 
I return to Thee ; nor ask I for any thing, but 
that which Thou hast bestowed most often, and 
bestowest most willingly; that, which unless Thou 
wert again and again to bestow, flesh could not 
abide, none could stand. Have mercy on me a sin- 
ner, the greatest of sinners, and for that very reason 
needing the greatest mercy. And Thy mercy is 
the greatest : it reacheth to the Heaven above, 
it freeth from the lowest hell ; it is marvellous. 
Magnify Thy mercy to me ; if Thou seekest to 
glorify it infinitely, extend it to me; at no time, in 
no place, hath it been, will it be, more glorious 
in the pardon of a sinner. If Thou wiliest. Lord, 
that I should leave Thee, give me another Thy- 
self: else I will not give Thee up. Let the Spi- 
rit of Truth lead me into Truth. 
To Thee, O Lord, I confess, because, if I would, I 
cannot conceal : to Thee my very many, my very 
great, my very heinous sins. I profess also to 
grieve, as Thou knowest. But I need more grief: 
I plainly need it. I am far from that which I ought 
to have. I can sin much ; I cannot repent much. 


, Q 


My dryness ! my dryness ! woe unto me ! I can- 
not much : I would much. I know that much is 
not enough. "Would that I had such grief, or even 
more ! But of myself I cannot obtain it. I am 
parched, I am parched like a potsherd. "Woe is 
me ! Thou, O Lord, increase the fountain of tears 
that I have ; supply that I have not : give me a 
molten heart, unutterable groans! Meanwhile, 
since my mind is willing, accept me according to 
that I have, not according to that I have not. I 
will extend it, since I cannot increase it, through 
all the years of my life. 
After so manybackslidings, with what confidence can 
I now return ? "With none. Altogether confused, 
altogether covered with confusion, I sit, I walk, I 
lie down. Nor should I dare to do it, nor could I 
do aught but despair, and act like the desperate 
unless there were yet a hope left. And what hope ? 
That Thou wilt extend Thy mercy to seventy times 
seven. That measure of forgiveness Thou hast en- 
joined to us. Hast Thou enjoined this to us, and 
wilt not Thou Thyself practise the same ? Tea and 
much more. That be far from Thee, that Thou 
shouldst require more perfection in us than exist- 
eth in Tliyself : that we must forgive until seventy 



times seven but Thou wilt not forgive. For Thy 
mercy surpasseth ours, as far as Thyself surpasseth 
us. I then, trusting in Thy mercy, that forgiveth 
at the least seventy times seven, stand afar off; 
and lowlily, as I ought, and most humbly striking 
my breast, say and repeat, again and again, God 
have mercy on me a sinner, on me a most wretched 
sinner, on me the chief of sinners, on me who am 
altogether sin, on me, who am a very hyperbole of 
sin, O Thou to Whom prayer can never be made 
without a hope of pardon. 

Shall God forgive, and thou not repent? God forbid I 
I do in a sort repent : I fear me not sufficiently. 
I would that it were more : I should rejoice, were 
it more ; I grieve that it is no more. For I wish 
that I could more, and grieve that I can no more. 
I confess that my very grief is to be lamented ; 
and I grieve that it is thus to be lamented. And 
who wiU give me to lament it more ? I would do 
so, were it in my power : but it is not. It is in 
my power to know that I ought ; to wish that 1 
did ; to will is present with me ; but how to per- 
form that which is good, I find not. 

Do Thou, Lord, give me power: if Thou wUt, 
Thou canst : Thou canst turn even the hard rock 


iuto a pool. Give tears: give a fountain of 
waters to my head. Give the grace of tears. 
Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and bedew 
the dryness of my heart. Give me, O Lord, 
this grace. None were more welcome to me; 
neither riches, nor all the good things of this world 
were to be coveted in comparison of tears : tears, 
such as Thou didst give David of old, or Jeremiah, 
S. Peter, or S. Mary Magdalene. At least give me 
a dropping eye : let me not altogether be a flint. 
If I may not water my couch, nor wash Thy feet : 
if I may not weep bitterly as Peter, plentifuUy as 
Jeremiah — (and yet. Oh that it might be even 
thus!) at least one or two little tears, which Thou 
mayest put into Thy bottle, and write in Thy book. 
But if I cannot gain this much, woe is me ! lilie 
a pumice, like very lime, fervent in cold water. 
Careless of my state where I least ought to be so ; 
without feeling. Mourning enough, when there 
is uo occasion : cold, arid, dead, where there is 
the greatest. 
At least give me of the tears of Christ, which He 
shed plentifully in the days of His flesh. Bestow 
on me from that store : in Him there is super- 
fluity for my deficiency. 


<B. Sbott ^raget after ©onfcssston. 

MT Saviour Christ, Christ my Saviour ! who will 
grant that I may die rather than again offend Thee ? 
Christ my Saviour, O my Saviour ! Lord, let a 
new manner of life prove that a new spirit hath 
descended on me : for true penitence is new life ; 
and true praise unremitted penitence, and the ob- 
servation of a perpetual sabbath from sin, its oc- 
casions, fuel, and danger. For as penitence de- 
stroys old sins, so do new sins destroy penitence. 

God, my heart is ready ; 
80 saith the Psalmist : 

but I fear, Lord, lest mine should not be ready. 
I would that it were : I grieve, if it be not. 
Lord, prepare it : assist my disposal, and supply my 
preparation of it. 

1 will put my sins before my sight ; 

that they may not be put before Thine. 




^ Caution Before ^^reaci 
from S. Jfulgentiug. 

Let the preacher labour to be heard intelligently, 
willingly, obediently. And let him not doubt, 
that he will accomplish this rather by the piety 
of his prayers, than the eloquence of his speech. 
By praying for himself, and those whom he is to 
address, let him be their beadsman, before their 
teacher ; and approaching God with devotion, let 
him first raise to Him a thirsting heart, before 
he speaks of Him with his tongue ; that he may 
speak what he hath been taught, and pour out 
what hath been poured in. 

I cease not therefore to ask from our Lord and 
Master, that He may, either by the communi- 
cation of His Scriptures, or the conversations of 
my brethren, or the internal and sweeter doc- 
trine of His Own Spirit, deign to teach me 
things so to be proposed and asserted, that I 



may ever hold me fast to the truth : from this 
very Truth I desire to be taught the mauy things 
I know not : I have received the few I know. 
I beseech this Truth, that lovingkindness preventing 
and following me. It would teach me the whole- 
some things that I know not ; keep me in the true 
things I know ; correct me, wherein I am (which 
is human) in error, confirm me wherein I waver ; 
preserve me from ftilse and noxious things, and 
make that to proceed from my mouth which as 
it shall be chiefly pleasing to the truth itself, 
so it may be accepted by all the faithful, through 
Jesus Cheist cue Loed. 

Subjpctg for iWeliltatton, 
before penitential i^ragers. 

Thou art careful and troubled about many things ; 
but one tbing is needful. 

But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, 
and to tbe ministry of the Word. 

Wat^jh ye, therefore, and pray always, that ye 
may be accounted worthy to escape all these things 
that shall come to pass. 

Love the Lord all thy life, and call upon Him 
tor thy salvation. 

Humble thy soul greatly ; for the vengeance of 
the ungodly is fire and worms. 

A man can receive nothing except it be given him. 

If He prayed "Who was without sin, how much 
more becometh it a sinnor to pray ? S. Cyprian. 

God hears the heart, not the voice : we do more 
by groans than words. S. August. 


Christ groaned for this reason, to set us an ex- 
ample of groaning. Arnoh. 

God needeth not that we should be suppliants, 
nor loveth subjection ; this is our own advantage, 
and hath an eye to our profit. Arnoh. 

Prayer ascends, mercy descends. 5. August. 

The grace of God is fuller than prayer: God 
ever granteth more than we ask. 

God commandeth thee to ask, and teacheth thee 
how to ask, and promiseth that which thou askest, 
and is angry if thou askest not ; and yet askest 
thou not ? 

Prayer is the breviary of faith, the interpreter of 

We go to God by prayers, not by steps. 

Paith pours forth prayer ; let it be poured forth 
in prayer. 

Go on thus : — 

Continuing in prayer : 

always praying, and not fainting ; 

in spirit and in truth. 



Subjects for iWcDitatfon before Jnterce^gbn. 

Thank8 be to God for His unspeakable gift. 

The Apostle meaneth by the unspeakable gift of 
God, the mutual offices, and prayers, and thanks- 
givings ot many for him. 

Moreover, as for me, God forbid that I should 
sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you. 

In this life we know that we can be assisted by 
prayers : but when we shall have come before the 
tribunal of Christ, neither Job, nor Daniel, nor 
Noah, can intercede for us, but each carrieth his 
own load. 

The Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with 
groanings which cannot be uttered. 

Can thine or my groanings be called unutter- 
able, when there are often none, when they are 
often cold ? But because there is no day, no mo- 
ment, in which the Saints supplicate not God, one 
more, one less, fervently, and all make One Dove; 



hence the unutterable groanings, namely, the 
groauings of each for all, which profit aU them 
who are" in the body of the Church, 

He who prays for others, labours for himself. 

If thou prayest for thyself alone, thou alone wilt 
pray for thyself. 

If thou prayest for all, all will pray for thee. 

» We should probably read consiitutii for constituti. 



^ubjftts* for iWflittatton icfore C&anliggitiing. 

Peaise is not comely in the mouth of fools, 
It is good before Thy Saints. 

All Thy works praise Thee, Lord, and Thy 
Saints give thanks unto Thee. 

Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound. 

All sacrifice is little in comparison with thanks- 

We may speak much, and yet come short. JFccZ. 
xliii. 27. 

Woe to them that are silent concerning Thee, 
Lord : for even they that speak are dumb. S. Aug. 
Conf. I. 

He attaineth not to Thy Works, but keepeth 
more silence ; and it seemeth to proceed from the 
mouth of sucklings, 

!For as it was your mind to go astray from God : 
so, being returned, seek Him ten times more. Ba- 

ruch iv. 28. 






That as once in sins, so now we may abound in 
good works and the praises of God. 

But what am I, Lord 

Make me, Lord, to be at leisure for my peni- 
tence and Thy praises. 


I23;atnfn5s anU ^rcparatorg JWeDttattons in tfje 
^bening, laising of ti)c ifttuD totoattJ^ ffiot). 

In war there is the note of charge, fitted for 
the onset ; 

of recall, whereby strug- 
gles are recalled : 

So the mind of man, as it must be excited in the 
morning, so in the evening, as by a note of recall, 
is it to be called back to itself and its Leader, 

fa scrutiny and inquisition or examination of self; 
1. Scrutiny and Inquisition ; an Examination. 

A good man would rather know his infirmity, 
than the foundations of the earth, or the heights 
of the heavens. 8. Aug. 

But that knowledge of our own infirmity is not 
attained but by diligent inquisition : without which 
the mind is for the most part blind, and sees no- 
thing of that which pertains to it. 

There are many hiding-places and recesses in the 
mind, &c. Cicero. 

o — — ^o 



Tou must come to the knowledge of, before you 
can amend, yourself. 

An unknown sin grows worse and worse, {Seneca,) 
and is deprived of cure. 

The heart is deceitful above all things. 
The Old Man is bound up in a thousand folds. 
Therefore take care of thyself. 
Points chiefly to be inquired. 
Done, Read, 
Said, "Written, 

''befits a Christian, a Priest, 

Father, &c. 
may confirm faith, obedi- 

What hast thou 

increase knowledge, 
that \ the good go- 

vernment of mind, 
work out the Salva- 
tion of thyself, 

We see that God Himself concluded each day of 
the old Creation in no other manner, than by an 
examination of the works of each. 

And He beheld that all were good. 


Cato exacted from himself an account of every 
day's business, and also Pythagoras. Cicero. 

Ausonius from Pythagoras: 
Nov let sweet sleep upon thine eyes descend, 
Till thou hast judged its deeds at each day's end. 
King David, when the day was over, meditated, 
and searched out his spirit. 
In this Areopagetic nightly examination, 
beware that thou shew thyself the judge, not the 

patron, of thy sins : 
and say in the tribunal of thy mind, 
say with grief and indignation, 
who win set scourges over my thoughts, 
and the discipline of wisdom over my heart ? 

Eecles. xiiii. 2. 
If we judged ourselves, we should not be judged. 
Prayer is the guardian of the sleeping, 
the confidence of the waking. 

S. Greg. Nyss. 
And we think him not safe who is undefended 

by the arms and the guard of prayer. 
Eightly therefore teacheth Eabbi J[archi?] tliat 
penitence must not be procrastinated till the 


Behold tbe hope of advantage and eternal 

salvation shall have deceived itself for ever, 

unless even in this very night thou shalt 

have freed thy soul. 

And if an examination of this kind takes place for 

some days, or, at farthest, one month, with penitence, 

it may suffice to form a perfect habit of virtue. 



[otning ^u^n of betg ancfcnt usage 
in tj^e Cj^utcf). 

Globt be to God on high, 
oil earth peace, 
good will towards men. 
We praise Thee, 
we bleas Thee, 
we worship Thee, 
we glorify Thee, 
we give thanks to Thee, 
for Thy great glory, 
O Lord God, Heavenly King, 
God, the Father Almighty, 
Lord, the Only-Begotten Son, 
Jesu Christ, 
and Holy Ghost. 
Lord God, 

Lamb of God, 
Son of the Father, 
That takest away the sins of the world, 
have mercy upon us. 


Thou That takest away the sins of the world, 

receive our prayer. 
Thou That sittest at the Eight Hand of the Father, 
have mercy upon us. 
Por Thou only art Holy, 
Thou only art the Lord, 
Jesus Christ, 
with the Holy Ghost, 
in the Glory of God the Father. Amen. 




an 1£ben{ng ?^pmtt. 

JoYFUii Light of the holy glory 

of the Eather, Immortal, Heavenly, Holy, Blessed, 

Jesus Christ : 

beholding the evening light 

we glority the Father, and the Son, and the 

Holy Spirit of God. 

Worthy art Thou in all seasons 

to be hymned with sacred voices, 

Son of God, 

Giver of hope ; 

Wherefore the world glorifieth Thee.